EP. 64- The truth about weight loss: YOUR REAL NEXT STEP for results.


EP. 64- The truth about weight loss: YOUR REAL NEXT STEP for results.

Hello gorgeous, and happy Monday! Welcome back to the podcast. Can you believe it’s the end of May? Well, I’m excited. I hope that you are doing well and that life is good and that you’re making progress and if not, you should have definitely by now set up a strategy session with me. You can do that on my website You can also always email me There is no reason for you to stay stuck. Reach out if you need some more support. It is the week of May 28th, and I am super excited right now as I’m recording this podcast for you. Tomorrow, I head out to Texas. I’m going to Dallas, and I will tell you why I’m so excited!

I got certified as a life and weight loss coach from the life coach school! You may have heard me mention that before if you’re a regular listener to the podcast. The owner/founder of that life coach school, Brooke Castillo, is my mentor, and I love her to death. We’re going to spend an entire week training new coaches. I’m going to be an instructor supporting my mentor in training new coaches! It’s fantastic to be able to see these results after dedicating myself so much to this purpose. The first area of my life that I applied these tools and strategies I share with you to was weight loss, but now I’ve been able to apply them everywhere else in my life. I’ll say it again. Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, and your actions create your results. Any result you have in your life, you can trace it back to your thoughts. Whether you like the results you’re seeing or not, you can change them.

I love coaching and teaching. I’m so passionate about supporting women in their dreams and vision for their life. I’m so thankful that I have these strategies and tools that have helped me to change my life. Now I can apply them not only to helping each and every one of you but also to every other area of my life. This trip is another example of that.

Digging a Hole

Today I want to talk about how losing weight is like digging a hole. I know, stick with me. These analogies must always sound crazy at first, but after an explanation, I hope they become useful to you in your life and on your journey. Most women already know what to do to lose weight and keep it off. You’re either going to eat the salmon and veggies, or someone’s going to order pizza and you’re going to eat that instead. Are you honestly and genuinely confused as to whether pizza, fries, and a coke are going to create weight loss for you? Of course you’re not. We know what produces the results, so what is the problem?

There’s Nothing Wrong With You

If you continue to think there’s something wrong with you, go back and listen to Episode 40. It’s called Thinking There’s Something Wrong with you. So many women think there’s something wrong with them, and that’s so counterproductive! You’ll never reach your weight loss goals if you continue to think that way.

If we know what to do, why don’t we do it? I knew those three slices of pizza weren’t going to help me lose the weight, so why did I eat them? This is how weight loss can be like digging a hole. In the age of Google, you can find so much information about weight loss. There are books, podcasts, and even one-on-one coaching. Even with all these resources telling you what to do, you still might not get the results you’re looking for. This is how weight loss can be like digging a hole.

Imagine a woman that needs to dig a hole; we’ll call her Julie. Let’s say Julie lives in Pheonix as I do. Julie needs to dig a 10-foot hole, so she grabs her shovel–from this point forward I want you to think of the shovel as a metaphor for every weight loss tool you can think of. She goes outside and sits down on the ground where she’s going to dig her hole. She’s there, she’s got her shovel, but merely sitting with the shovel outside isn’t going to mean she digs that hole. Just because Julie wants to dig the hole, knows how to dig a hole, and has a shovel, but that doesn’t mean the hole will be dug. She has to put in the work to dig the hole. She might not have the energy. She might be too hot. She still has to put in the work if there’s going to be a hole.

The 30-Minute PAZ

If you’re struggling to lose the weight, you might be sitting in the place where you need to dig your hole, but you haven’t picked up the shovel and started digging. Weight loss takes work. If you’re not familiar with the 30-minute PAZ, check out Episode 48: Your Strongest Food Cravings and Urges; The Three Steps. In that episode, I break down the 30-Minute PAZ. The 30-Minute PAZ is a tool, a shovel. So when you get home on Friday and it’s been a long week. You’re feeling tired, and your date says, “Let’s have a glass of wine and some dessert.” Grab the tool and use it! Don’t just sit there. Start digging the hole! To create results, you have to put in the effort!

There are at least five specific tools I’ve given you on the podcast to date: Episode 62, Episode 59, Episode 51, Episode 49, and Episode 48. If you do not see results, you’re Julie. You’re sitting in your yard with a shovel, and you’re not digging a hole. You know what to do! If you find yourself thinking you don’t know what you need to do to lose weight, come back to these five episodes and listen. You have the tools. Use them!

Now You Have all the Links Right Here… No More Excuses

The 30-Minute PAZ – A tool for handling your strongest food urges and cravings.

Evening Goddess Self-Care Routine – The three-step approach for breaking your evening and night-time eating habit.

Food Won’t Fix a Damn Thing – A strategy or sticking to your eating plan.

Thinking Through the Impulse – The steps to manage your impulse to eat; the problem of instant gratification.

Emotional Courage – The tool that allows you to have a deliberate willingness to feel and process any human emotion.

The only person in control of reaching your weight loss goals is you! We want weight loss to be quick and easy. That’s not how it works. Change takes time. You have to change the way you think about weight loss. It’s going to take work. Pick up your shovel. Start digging. Deep holes take time to dig. If you want to end your struggle with food, use the tools you’ve learned on this podcast. Create the results you want to see. If you need help, schedule a strategy session. I can’t dig the hole for you, but I can certainly help by showing you how.

Have an amazing week! I hope you’re enjoying the start of the summer. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about fruit of late, so next week I’m going to be talking about everything fruit.