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The podcast is full of weekly tools that will allow you to Understand Your Mind & Emotions as it relates to your weight goals and your relationship to food. We both know you're not lazy, far from it! You're a highly motivated woman who's never lacked ambition in any other area. You already know that simply printing out a new 'diet' won't be the solution because you've basically tried them all at this point (that pinterest board is getting a little cluttered, right?) and you end up returning to the same behaviors (caused by the same limiting mindsets) that keep you stuck. This is why it's important to shift gears and actually understand your brain & emotions in order to experience new breakthroughs in a meaningful sustainable way.


Here's the great news I have for you today:

It's just a matter of understanding your mind…

Say hello to results you love.

& goodbye to the struggle.

Say hello to results you love.

& goodbye to the struggle.

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Meet Brenda Lomeli

I used to weigh almost 200lbs.

However much you've struggled, trust me when I say: I GET IT.

At my heaviest I weighed almost 200 lbs (197 to be exact!). I know what it's like to feel so dissatisfied with my body that I said no to meaningful events just so I wouldn't be seen. I made and broke promises to myself daily. I was at a total loss for how to get myself unstuck and couldn't understand my own behavior. I knew how to lose the weight (I lost it a bunch of times!) but I would end up regaining it and even when I lost the weight or 'quit' trying to lose the weight…

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