EP. 368- BODY HOME – How to Release Body Shame during Weight Loss

Weight loss ALONE doesn’t create unapologetic body confidence.

Weight loss ALONE doesn’t create feeling completely AT HOME in your body.

I know this very well, and I had to learn this the hard way. (I definitely don’t want you to have to learn it the hard way!)

There was a point in my 20-year weight struggle, where I had lost all the weight I wanted to lose and yet felt more insecure, anxious, and inadequate than ever…

How was that possible?
And WHY does this matter?

It matters because THE ONLY way to change the way you feel in your body (stop feeling shame, stop feeling inadequate) is to change:

1. The way you think about your body.
2. Your relationship with your body.

This episode is ALL about upgrading your relationship with your body ALONG with your results.

Changing the way you think about your body and relate to your body will allow you to change your experience AND your results, more than any ‘diet’ or ‘meal plan’ EVER could.

I was able to go from  despising my body,  constantly feeling inadequate, and then sabotaging myself DAILY…  to now:
LOVING my relationship with food (check!).
LOVING my relationship with my body (check!).
LOVING my results (check!)With the integrative approach that I teach, you’ll be able to upgrade your body image AND your results.



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