The clients featured here below
(and 100's more!)
were able to

achieve their goal and
create results they love.

The clients featured here below
(and 100's more!)
were able to

achieve their goal and
create results they love.


But unlike others I'm not gonna plaster this page with before/after pictures (because BTW- you already know what weight loss looks like…)

While, YES, I will strut my stuff and my clients also learn to strut their stuff too- and to do so WITHOUT APOLOGY! In fact, Unapologetic Body Confidence is part of my LAST 10 trademarked curriculum-
There's something I'd rather reinforce:
I'm about celebrating a woman's body. Not judging how 'the last 10' looks on her- but how she feels and what SHE WANTS her results to be.
THE LAST 10 results, looks a million of different ways. yup. because all womens' bodies are different, and all women want different things. That's a freakin beautiful thing.
There's no 'one way' that freedom looks like on the outside.

HELLO TRUE FREEDOM. diversity. individuality.
Good riddance to women needing to look like they were created from that same exact barbie mold…


Bye Felicia!

BECAUSE it's time to RAISE THE BAR on weight loss.

I wanna feature the DEPTH, the richness of my clients BEFORE/AFTER.

The change you see on the outside, that's evident. And YES, we celebrate THAT too! But let's feature the priceless, empowered and upleveled UPGRADES in the QUALITY of their relationship to themselves, their bodies, food, their life- that can't be seen in a picture.

My clients lose 'their last 10' and get to their goals by making their lives RICHER, BIGGER (not smaller) and by creating the lives of their dreams more powerfully and unapologetically then ever's a change you can hear!

So please, hear it for yourself.

They sound: lit up, fierce. ON FIRE.
(...liberated from the struggle!)

I can't show you THAT in a picture.

I'm determined to give you plenty of evidence that the next-level results you've always wanted are possible for you too! AND that you can do it by ELEVATING your life experience, NOT depriving it.

It's time to raise the bar on this for you too…


Minta, lost 50 pounds


Brittany, lost 25 pounds

(health care professional)

Lindsey, 64, lost 23 pounds

(forensic pathologist MD)

Gillianne, lost 23 pounds

(radiation oncologist MD, entrepreneur & life coach)

Trish, lost 26 pounds


Claire, 49, lost 19 pounds

Katie, 30, lost 35 pounds

(educator & entrepreneur)

Amanda, lost 18 pounds

(entrepreneur & artist)

Felice, lost 8 pounds

(entrepreneur - life coach)

Julie, lost 10 pounds


Delane, lost 10 pounds

(physician - life coach)

Rachel, 37, lost 13 pounds

(physician- anesthesiologist)

Jacki, 55, lost 18 pounds

(director of sales)

Andrea, 47, lost 22 pounds


Kari, lost 38 pounds

(life Coach & mom of twins)

Jane, lost 7 pounds

(entrepreneur - life coach)

Monica, lost 13 pounds

(entrepreneur - health coach)

Risa, 53, lost 15 pounds

(business owner & weight loss coach)

Gulzat, 41, lost 17.5 pounds

(food allergy private chef)

Gabby, 23, lost 18 pounds

(college student)

Permy, 32, lost 30 pounds

(university student)

Jennifer, 44, lost 15 pounds

(weight loss & health coach)

Jenny, 52, lost 13 pounds

(healthcare professional)

Caroline, 39, lost 9 pounds

(working mom)

Araceli, 33, lost 28 pounds


Ganelle, 43, lost 24 pounds

(nurse practitioner)

Jane, 54, lost 26 pounds

(business owner - dance instructor)

Mony, lost 10 pounds

(weight loss coach & nutritionist)

Athena, 62, lost 20 pounds

(leadership coach)

Michele, 53, lost 12 pounds

(marketing manager)

Andrea L., 48, lost 27 pounds

(life coach)

Nicole, 43, lost 30 pounds

(creative entreprenuer)

Kathy, 47, lost 16 pounds

(engineer, author, triathlete)

Jane - 54, down 13.5 pounds in 4 weeks

Amy - 34, down 11 pounds in 8 weeks

Cindy - 58, down 6.5 pounds in 18 days

Brenda's Story


Trust me, I understand how you feel. I was once where you are. This is me at 197 lbs. I hated my body, but more importantly… I didn't know my worth or how to truly take care of myself (mind, body, AND emotions). I knew the information about what was "healthy", but I didn't know how to change my emotional eating and sabotaging behaviors. Even after I had initially changed a lot of my unhealthy habits and lost a big part of my weight- I still felt I would never create the kind of results I wanted. I felt almost hopeless... like my 'weight struggle' would never end. I was constantly stuck, frustrated and even resentful. The inner struggle, was possibly more exhausting than the external one.



Check me out now… Yes, 80lbs less, but MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN ANYTHING: no longer apologizing for my body. I live my life at a weight that I love. I love my lifestyle & my relationship with food. I feel amazing & unapologetically confident in my body (…more than I even knew was possible!) I want you to know THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO. You don't have to keep struggling or stay stuck. I can teach you how to be the #boss of your results, feel completely empowered in this area of your life, and live unapologetically in your body. It's possible. You are abso-freakin-lutely capable. & my friend, You deserve it.


More Client Stories

I no longer wanna look like anybody other than myself, I wanna look like the best version of Erica. I did NOT think that this was possible. I thought that the rest of my life I was going to have this weird relationship with food and this weird relationship with my body.
It's extremely fulfilling, and enjoyable and exciting now to LIKE MY BODY and I feel great about my relationship with food.



This program changed my life. I have spent most of my life feeling uncomfortable in my body and wishing I was smaller. I joined Brenda’s program 2 months postpartum, heavier than I had ever been in my life and so sick of trying every diet and exercise plan out there. After joining, I was able to lose the weight—50 lbs to be exact—all while navigating a pandemic, working as a pediatrician, and figuring out life as a new mom. She helped me find my inner confidence, trust in my abilities and lose weight from a place of true self-love.

If you’re frustrated with where you’re at and know in your heart that you’re meant for so much more than this weight loss struggle- I couldn’t recommend her more. You don’t have to do this alone. She knows the challenges, makes time to understand you as an individual, is super relatable and she will change your life if you go all in. I honestly feel that everyone needs a Brenda. She’s THAT good. Take this leap of faith, make this investment in yourself and lose the weight for THE LAST TIME.


Hiring Brenda as my coach has been one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to identify the true obstacles that were impeding my weight loss for decades. Applying the concepts I learned with Brenda, I was able to reach what I had thought was impossible for me… I reached my goal weight and have been able to maintain it for almost 3 years!
What I learned with Brenda has gone way beyond numbers on the scale.
Thanks to her coaching, inspiration, her example and encouragement of being unstoppable I also was able to work on my dream of having my own coaching practice. I'm super excited for how I'm achieving all of my goals! Now that I realized truly that I can achieve anything (& it started with The Last 10 Pounds!). I've created the life of my dreams!
Definitely one of the best gifts I have given myself.


-Monica Sosa

I benefited incredibly from this program and I think it's an amazing investment! It's been a life changing experience for me. I reached and have been maintaining my goal weight of 130lbs (35 lbs of weight loss!) Even more than this, the life coaching tools Brenda gave me have allowed me to improve ALL areas of my life.


-Katie J.

I'm happy to report that 2+ years later, I am still going strong from my coaching with Brenda!
My goal weight has stayed steady, even despite changing jobs and training for a half Ironman! FOOD IS SIMPLY NOT A WORRY ANYMORE. It would have been so easy to indulge in whatever food is available and gain weight with all my Ironman training! Thanks to the tools I learned with Brenda, I listen to my body, and am smart about my choices without a problem.
Her coaching tools even helped me during my interview process at work. I was growing dissatisfied at work, and managing my brain was key to build confidence to ask for what I felt I was worth and go get it!
Here's a picture of one of my proudest achievements, a testament of a strong mind, which ultimately, is what coaching with Brenda delivers!



I lost 23 pounds that felt impossible! What I was not expecting from this program was FINALLY LEARNING HOW TO UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE MYSELF and be my own best friend.




My favorite thing about The Last 10 Method and the program is that CHOICE is infused into EVERY aspect. 

I didn’t realize how much of a rebel I am until I was given the freedom to do whatever the F I wanted. That’s when I stopped sabotaging because I wasn’t resisting someone else’s, or my own self-imposed, rules.

[Now] I do not stress or worry or feel restricted or like I did something “bad” when I eat certain foods. I get to just make a decision based on what I know (that is true for MY body) and what I want.

As a recovering perfectionist, it has been so easy to withhold love from myself for not meeting an expectation I have for myself (like reaching a certain number of the scale). When I released all of that ... everything else became much more relaxed. Much more fun and enjoyable.

This program helped me get to know myself better. And the more deeply I got to know myself, the more beautiful I became to me. This ONE thing is beyond priceless.