EP. 371- Break Free from Weight Loss Sabotage to Lose The Last 10

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in patterns of sabotage, this episode is for you.

To STOP sabotaging, you’ll need to ditch the generic weight loss advice and truly transform your relationship with food and your body.

In this NEW episode, I dive deep into the root causes of weight loss sabotage and how to break free from frustrating cycles…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Understand the impact of generic weight loss advice and how it perpetuates sabotage and yo-yo dieting.
– Learn why building your weight loss goals on a NEW foundation of empowerment is key to lasting change.
– I introduce the concept of decolonizing weight loss and reclaiming YOUR BODY (i.e. Physical Autonomy) to stop deprivation and sabotage.
– You’ll hear POWERFUL real-life examples of transformation that come from ditching ‘dieting rules’ by taking this new approach.

You’ll understand with clarity whats required to overcome mental and emotional blocks to achieve both results AND freedom in your weight loss journey. (priceless!)LISTEN NOW and join us on the journey towards freedom.
Your freedom awaits


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