EP. 63- COMPARISON is the thief of results (& only causes suffering)


EP. 63- COMPARISON is the thief of results (& only causes suffering)

Hello! Happy Monday! Welcome back! I want to start of by sending so much love, and so many thank yous! There were so many of you that reached out to me last week. I send so much love back to you. Thank you for the love and all the virtual hugs. I appreciate it so much.

Your journey is important to me. If you’re feeling stuck or struggling, please feel free to reach out. The best gift that you can give yourself is to find the support and help you need to make meaningful change in your life.

Today I want to talk about comparison. This is a really significant topic. It’s been coming up with my clients, listeners, and followers more and more of late. Contrast can be a source of so much pain. On Thursdays, I share client case studies. My purpose for sharing them is to give your brain more evidence that it really is possible to end the struggle and be free of your weight loss problems. It is your choice to decide how you react to these interviews. You can use them as a reason to continue the struggle with feelings of jealousy and anger, or you can use them as inspiration! If another woman can do it, you can too! It serves no purpose to compare. Instead of looking at someone else’s success and feeling sorry for yourself, be encouraged. Look at these women’s success as an example of what is possible.

Comparison: The Thief of Results

Imagine you’re in a mindset where you’re comparing yourself to these successful women and feeling sorry for yourself. You’re thinking thoughts of comparison that are generating feelings of resentment, unfairness, self-pity and even anger. During that time that your brain is expending its energy focusing on those negative emotions. A much better use of your time is putting your mind to use creating results! Ask yourself useful questions. How can I get those results? What can I do differently? Take responsibility for producing positive results in your weight loss journey. Your actions create your results. My actions create my results. Her actions create her results. Her actions and results are irrelevant to your story. The only things that matter for you are your thoughts and your actions.

Inspiration Instead of Comparison

I used to spend so much time feeling resentment and jealousy. Now I’m thankful that there exist women out there that have experienced elevated results compared to mine because that means that those results are possible! I’ve told you about my mentor and business coach. My business is nowhere near the level where her’s is. I don’t feel resentment, frustration, anger or jealousy towards her. I feel empowered and inspired. I look at it as an example of what’s possible, and you can do the same with your weight loss journey. You can look at someone else’s results, be inspired, see it as an example of what’s possible, and then take responsibility for your actions and results. When you change your patterns of thought from jealousy and resentment, you can even begin to feel gratitude and appreciation toward those women who have shown what success looks like. Once you’ve achieved these goals, you can start to see results and become an example for all the women seeking to change their own lives and reach their weight loss goals.

How I Used Brooke Castillo’s Example to Inspire Me in My Career

Here’s an example that’s a little bit outside of weight loss. When I decided to quit my job and leap into this business I’ve now created centered around weight loss, I had a mentor. Some of you know who she is. Her name is Brooke Castillo, and she makes the Life Coach School podcast. At the time when she became my mentor, she was on track to make $5 million. That was her goal. What would have been the purpose of me looking at myself and feeling self-pity? It was tremendously useful for me to look at Brooke with gratitude as a source of inspiration. I didn’t think of her as a unicorn with magical powers. I thought of her as a human being. If she had success, I could too! I used Brooke’s life and career as an example of what is possible. You can find inspirational people in your life too.  Use them as the reason to believe in yourself.

Please make sure to listen to the episode for more stories from my clients that will help you change the way you think and create amazing results of your own.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Go out there and find women that can inspire you on your path to success. If you want to create change, make yourself uncomfortable. You can dwell in negative comparison, or you can take the actions necessary to produce incredible results. It’s your choice. If you’re struggling and feeling stuck, apply for my program. I look forward to talking to you and supporting you directly one-on-one.