EP. 51- How NOT to eat ‘off plan’ when you’ve had a ‘bad day’ or going through ‘hard’ demanding times.


EP. 51- How NOT to eat ‘off plan’ when you’ve had a ‘bad day’ or going through ‘hard’ demanding times.

Happy Monday!  I’m back at it today to tell you about a tool I call FWFADT. After the all the success stories you’ve shared with me because of the 30-minute PAZ I showed you in Episode 48, I knew I had to bring you another one of my tools for weight loss success in Episode 51!

To teach you this tool, I need to first tell you a story. It all starts in my bedroom, in the dark, and I was PISSED. I hadn’t been this mad in a long time. My blood was boiling. I wanted to punch something. I wanted to kick something. I wanted to throw my cell phone at the wall. At that moment I felt an urge I hadn’t had in a long time. I wanted to go to the kitchen, and eat something out of anger. At that moment, I reminded myself, FWFADT.

Food Won’t Fix A Damn Thing

FWFADT. We’ll all have days where we feel stress. We’ll all have days where it’s hard to control our thoughts, days where life’s little stresses can feel like too much to overcome. In those moments, just remember, FWFADT. Food Won’t Fix A Damn Thing.

Remember that ex I told you about? The one I was madly in love with? Back when we were dating he had this habit, every time we got into a fight, he’d just leave; he’d just get in his truck and drive away. My habit before FWFADT, before I knew my thoughts create my feelings and drive my actions, was to eat. I’d eat everything in the fridge, everything in the pantry… everything. I even went so far as to sneakily eat bits and pieces of my roommate’s food in a way that she wouldn’t notice! All because I was upset! Back then I didn’t have the tools I do now.

I know now that no matter what the emotion, food won’t fix it. A feeling is just a feeling. No matter what feeling, Food Won’t Fix A Damn Thing. Anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, disappointment… even heartbreak. They’re just feelings, and food won’t fix ‘em. It took me almost two full decades to learn that Food Won’t Fix A Damn Thing. It may provide a temporary distraction. It may provide some small–emphasis on small–relief. But in the end, when you’re having this intense emotion, when you go to food for a distraction, the outcome is always worse.

This isn’t easy. I know that. Escaping your feelings and applying FWFADT means just letting those feelings of frustration and anxiety be. Just be in the moment. When I was sitting at the edge of my bed, stewing in my anger, I allowed myself to feel. I realized food would not have fixed anything. It would only have made things worse. It requires courage, but in the long run, you’ll thank yourself!

Next time you’re feeling an undesirable emotion, one that makes you want to lose yourself in food, just remember, FWFADT. Food Won’t Fix A Damn Thing, and I’m going to be OK. If I can do it, you can too!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share with you the stories that have shaped the way I think about losing The Last 10 Pounds and keeping them off! You are courageous! Don’t forget about the 30-minute PAZ from Episode 48!


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