EP. 92- The 5 strategies you NEED to actually stick to your New Year Weight loss goal.


EP. 92- The 5 strategies you NEED to actually stick to your New Year Weight loss goal.

Welcome to The Last Ten Podcast. Today we will be talking about how to get all the way to your goal. It’s time to talk about the five things and strategies that you need to stick to your New Year goals all the way until you get there.

Losing weight is actually quite simple. That might sound crazy. Yes, it is quite difficult but it’s not complicated. It’s actually very simple. It’s all about following your plan and being consistent. That is all. The things that deviate us from that path include cravings and emotional eating. You are responsible for creating focus to navigate those cravings and emotional eating. It’s impossible to have a craving unless you are focusing on and thinking about it. You get to decide what you focus on! It doesn’t just happen.

The first thing you need to do this year in order to stick to your New Year’s goal is to take responsibility over-focusing on your goal each day.

Next, you will need to gain clarity. Having clear and measurable goals is the key to achieving that goal. There is a difference between wanting something and being committed to something.

The third strategy is choosing to believe it every single day. The number one thing that stops people from reaching their goals is getting impatient and not believing in being able to achieve that goal. We only experience impatience because of doubt.

Number four is the willingness to allow the discomfort of leaving cravings unanswered and the discomfort of growing and learning. This isn’t resisting cravings, it’s hearing the cravings and leaving it unanswered. That’s going to feel uncomfortable. You want to get up and answer that craving but you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

The fifth strategy is 100 percent commitment. You have to committed to creating your result no matter how long it takes, no matter how challenging it might feel. You continue taking action until you get to your goal.

Ask yourself what would I be thinking if I believed I can 100 percent make this happen? What decision would I make today if I knew for certain I will get to my goal if I just keep going? Doubt is the biggest killer of dreams. What do you have to lose if you simply give this an entire year? Choose every day for an entire year to believe this is going to happen.

In this episode:

  • What happens for most people during the holidays
  • Choosing to be focused
  • Emotional eating and cravings
  • Focus is something you create
  • Managing your mind
  • 5 strategies for reaching your goals
  • The skill of losing weight successfully
  • What hundred percent commitment really is

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