EP. 85- Anxiety, Restlessness, Overwhelm & Worry- what to do if you typically eat to ‘take the edge off’.


EP. 85- Anxiety, Restlessness, Overwhelm & Worry- what to do if you typically eat to ‘take the edge off’.

Welcome to The Last Ten Podcast. Today I will be diving into the topics of restlessness, anxiousness and nervousness and how that relates to a lot of people’s reason for overeating. These feelings are one of the main reasons people will seek food to cope with these feelings of worry.

I personally have struggled with feeling anxious, restless and worried. I found myself eating all day, snacking excessively and reaching for popcorn every evening. The reason I was constantly reaching for food was because I was constantly feeling anxious and worried about things. Understanding and being aware that I was craving food because of my feelings was crucial to making positive changes. Are you possibly eating food as a distraction from your emotions?

This is the reason many people veer from their eating plan. You may know what to eat but your emotions come into play and provide relief or an escape. In order to change current habits, you must allow yourself to feel and be with your feelings, whether that be anxiousness, worry, nervousness, etc.

Food doesn’t fix anything, it’s just a distraction. Food won’t make you less anxious, worried, nervous or restless. It’s an ineffective strategy that won’t help you escape your emotions. Additionally, the consequences of eating to escape your emotions is unwanted, such as weight gain. It takes time to change it and unlearn it so give yourself grace. Emotions are a part of the human experience. I challenge you to embrace your emotions instead of running from them.

In this episode:

  • Personal update
  • My emotional management journey
  • Practical tools for combating anxiousness and nervousness
  • Understanding your thoughts and feelings
  • Relearning new habits
  • The spectrum of human emotion