EP. 84- Holiday Weight loss [PART 2] Practical Strategies for losing weight during the holidays.


EP. 84- Holiday Weight loss [PART 2] Practical Strategies for losing weight during the holidays.

Welcome to the Last Ten Podcast. On this episode, we will talk about getting through the holiday season and enjoying the holidays all while losing weight and reaching your goals. We’ll discuss the seven pitfalls women fall into.

The Seven Pitfalls

  1. Don’t use “the holidays” as a reason to eat everything or to eat anything for the next couple of months. Instead of thinking of the holidays of this season, think about the holidays as a few days. Make a list of the days that are actually holidays. The problem is when we think of the holidays as a three month period, we use it as an excuse to eat whatever we want. Ask yourself if you’re willing to go through this holiday season without using the holidays as a reason to constantly overeat?
  2. You’re worried about what others think. Make the decisions you want to make for yourself. If others have an opinion about something, that’s okay. Be really okay with your choice, regardless of what others say. What’s important for you and what you think is more important than what other people think. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you will keep creating the same result.
  3. It’s what I’ve always done. It’s what we’ve always done. Many families and people have traditions. Really pay attention. If your reason for eating all day, all week or all month is because you’ve always done it that way consider the fact that if you continue to do what you’ve always done you will see the results you’ve always received.
  4. Eating to distract yourself from how you are feeling. Many people have social anxiety during the holidays due to all the parties and events with family, coworkers, friends, etc. Many of us find ourselves snacking and eating at events and you might not even know it. It’s like eating to take the edge off. Prep yourself before going into a social gathering. Another strategy is to let yourself feel awkward. It’s okay, it’s just something you are feeling and experiencing. Also, remember you’re only feeling that way because of the way you are thinking about yourself. Are you willing to just feel how you are feeling right now instead of eating or numbing?
  5. Feeling like you can only eat a certain food once a year so you have to overeat it. The problem is not that these foods are good and the problem is not that you can only have it once a year. The problem is that you are using these reasons as reasons to overeat that food. Ask yourself am I willing to enjoy this and stop eating after one serving?
  6. Pressure from others or the group. The truth is that the pressure from others isn’t really from others. Your thoughts create your feelings. Pressure is a feeling. If you are feeling this pressure, it’s because of you. It’s not because of anyone else. If you want to explain your plan to someone or reason to someone you can but you don’t have to. No is a complete sentence. Ask yourself if you’re willing to say no, be true to yourself and honor your goals?
  7. There’s so much about the holidays that is about connection and about being with others. Eating is so incredibly social. The key is to separate eating from connection. Eating is one thing and connecting is another thing. The truth is that the feeling connection with humans is not about eating a certain food. Our connection is created by our conversations and our interactions. Food doesn’t create connection, we do. You do. I do. Not food. Food is just food. Ask yourself if you are willing to find new ways of connecting? Are you willing to be focused on the people and connecting with them and not the food and eating?

The bonus pitfall is confusing eating food with celebration and joy. Our feelings are not created by the foods we eat. The feeling you are feeling are created by your thoughts. Learn more on these pitfalls and important questions to ask yourself in this episode.

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