EP. #79: EXERCISE & the last 10 lbs


EP. #79: EXERCISE & the last 10 lbs

Welcome the Last Ten Podcast! I’m very excited for today’s episode. This topic happens to be the number one thing I get emailed and messaged about… and that topic is exercise. Sometimes we think we need to be perfect to see results. Although, that is simply not true.

I personally love movement and love exercising. I am not an exercise hater by any means. I have always done some sort of movement and loved it. My first love was running. Then for a while, my family would get together and we would dance in our garage. I also did boxing for a while. Then my sister and I did belly dancing for a short period of time. During undergrad, I even got into rowing for a while. Then I got into CrossFit and even got certified to be a trainer.

I’m a huge proponent of movement and all the benefits of getting out and just moving your body. Depending on what you are doing it can be a source community and connection. It can also create space for you to have alone time.

Many women come to me frustrated or questioning why they aren’t seeing results even though they are working out. The key is to not overeat. I did not see a permanent end to my weight struggle until I learned to truly care for my thoughts and emotions and ultimately kicked overeating. You can’t out-exercise overeating.

Pick something based on your interests, goals, lifestyle, etc. and decide how many days you want to do this thing. The key is to do research, find things you are interested in that is aligned with what you are trying to accomplish and do it.

Get your food and eating habits to a great place and you will see the results you want. Lack of exercise isn’t the issue, overeating is. Movement has so many great benefits but when it comes to losing weight, the key is to get right with your relationship with food. You must address the actual issue.

In this episode:

  • My journey with movement
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Complaints I hear from women regarding exercise and weight loss
  • The difference between those who get results and those who don’t
  • The impact of overeating
  • Different ways to move your body
  • The key to get effective results with your weight
  • Managing eating and your relationship with food
  • Thinking of exercise as a tool
  • Three major traps women fall into
  • Energetic value of food
  • Setting yourself up to be successful
  • The weight loss triage
  • Getting stuck and feeling frustrated

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