EP. 76: ASSESSMENT TOOLS for continued results (plus a strategy for anytime you make a ‘mistake’)


EP. 76: ASSESSMENT TOOLS for continued results (plus a strategy for anytime you make a ‘mistake’)

Welcome back to the Last Ten Podcast. One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is to actually give yourself the space to figure out what works, to observe what isn’t working and to just give yourself that space to learn. The key is to access your progress, choices, what works and what doesn’t without judgement.

It’s not useful at all to freak out, fear gaining weight and shame myself. Judging what is happening isn’t going to be useful. Accessing it is a completely different thing. In the past few weeks I have been exploring what I can eat right now while being pregnant and not being able to keep many foods down.

Ask yourself, “Did this work?”; “Did this not work?”; “Should I keep doing this?”. Take inventory. Pick one thing to keep, one thing to stop and one thing to start that you are going to try. This is the Keep, Stop, Start method. You can do this weekly, monthly, ongoing or in whichever way you prefer. I personally do it essentially ongoing; this is the mindset shift from being critical to just taking assessment and inventory if this is aligned with my goals. What if you could stop judging your habits and actions and just assess them?

Use the Keep, Start, Stop method to choose something you want to keep doing, something you want to stop doing and something you want to start doing. Don’t think of these things as things you should do or not do but evaluating what currently is working or not working to keep, start or stop things that align with your goals. Also, notice you will make mistakes. You will have moments of error but it’s just part of the process and it’s an opportunity to learn.

In this episode:

  • Personal update
  • Importance of being patient with your self
  • Giving yourself the space to be the student
  • Keep, Stop, Start
  • Assessments are neutral and objective
  • Making decision for yourself in a much better way
  • Creating the space to allow yourself to learn
  • Aspiring to be perfect
  • Making mistakes is simply part of the process

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