EP. 77: GOAL SETTING: everything you need to know about setting your goal weight.


EP. 77: GOAL SETTING: everything you need to know about setting your goal weight.

Hello Gorgeous, welcome to the Last Ten Podcast! Today I want to talk about setting your goal. It might seem like we are going a few steps backwards but I was just thinking about this and I think this is really important. For a lot of women, and it was for me, a huge part of the weight problem stems from the goal you set. A lot of us have a certain amount of weight to lose as a goal. But have you thought about why? Why have you decided to make this decision?

It’s up to you to decide what overweight is. It’s not up to society, to charts or to graphs. You get to decide what goals you set for yourself. Think about the goal you have set or the goal you are going to set and why you want that. You get to decide the result you want for yourself and the weight you want to be at.

Sometimes the decision to lose weight might not come from you. You may feel you ‘should’ lose weight or ‘have’ to lose weight. It’s important you don’t have a goal just because you think you are supposed to. You need to decide this is really something you want to do because you want to.

You are adequate, more than enough and valuable as is. If you decide to lose weight, make it because it’s something you really want to do. Take ownership, and decide to lose weight because you want to and you are choosing to. Mentality plays a huge role in your happiness and in your success.

In this episode:

  • What does it mean to be overweight?
  • Re-owning that goal you have set
  • The idea of ‘having’ to lose weight
  • You get to decide
  • We focus more on the how instead of the why
  • ‘Hating’ yourself thin
  • Really get to know your reasons why
  • Owning your personal preference
  • Spending time with your Why
  • Allowing other women to decide what their preferences are for themselves
  • Do you actually want to lose weight?
  • Loving your reasons
  • 3 decisions you get to make
  • It’s never too late to make this decision for yourself

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