EP. 75: WEIGHT FLUCTUATIONS- THE TRUTH about how weight loss works & HOW TO MANAGE THEM.


EP. 75: WEIGHT FLUCTUATIONS- THE TRUTH about how weight loss works & HOW TO MANAGE THEM.

Well hello! Welcome to the Last Ten Podcast. If you have ideas, questions or things you want me to talk about, send them over to me at If you are new, I share my entire journey with you on a previous episode, episode 27. I struggled with my weight for almost 20 years and I dive into my entire journey in that episode called Why I’m Committed to Your Weight Loss Success: My Weight Loss Story.

Today I want to talk about something that might seem simple and like common sense. I want to talk about our expectation of how weight loss happens. It’s important to understand the process so you aren’t tempted to want to quit because weight loss isn’t happening the way you think it should happen or how you want it to happen.

Usually we just want to see the numbers go down. Each week we expect a lower number. Spoiler alert: this is IMPOSSIBLE. Your weight loss won’t happen in this way. This number will jump up and down several times. Weight loss is happening but weight fluctuations on a day to day basis are 100 percent normal.

Weight gain only happens as a result of overeating. Weight fluctuations happen on a day to day basis no matter how perfectly you eat. It is our body doing the work of maintain homeostasis, which means our body wants to maintain relative equilibrium. A huge percentage of our body weight at any given time is water.

Sleep, fatigue, stressors, water intake, fiber intake, sodium intake, carbohydrate intake are all factors that influence weight fluctuations. If you are not overeating, there is no way you will actually gain 1, 2 or 3 pounds. As long as you are not overeating, you can be certain it’s not weight gain, you are not putting on pounds of fat. You are simply experiencing a weight fluctuation. The important thing is to look at your overall weight loss trend.

Episode 45 goes well with this episode. It’s called Weigh Yourself Daily Using My Tried and True Process to Reaching Your Goal. You can also email me for my weight tracker. With my tracker you don’t look at what happens day to day but you look at what is happening overall. The key is not letting yourself get carried away by what happens on that daily level. This can be dramatic and an emotional process for you.

What’s going to get you to your goal is keep showing up and being committed. Focus on the overall outcomes.

In this episode:

  • How we expect weight loss to happen
  • Factors that influence day to day weight fluctuations
  • Weight gain is different from weigh fluctuations
  • How to distinguish weight gain from weight fluctuations
  • Thinking of weight fluctuations differently
  • Useful mentality
  • Being consistent and following your plan
  • How to weigh yourself daily for success
  • Managing your mind and emotional response
  • Detaching meanings from the number
  • Creating awareness
  • Everyone’s rate of weight loss is different
  • What if weight fluctuations weren’t dramatic or emotional at all?
  • Keep showing up for yourself
  • Not using the scale to not self sabotage
  • Just keep going

Get out there and make it happen! I believe in you. If you are loving this podcast, recommend this podcast to a friend so she can achieve her goals and create the life she’s always wanted.