EP. 17- 100% confidence will get you to your goal. How to be 100% confident.


EP. 17- 100% confidence will get you to your goal. How to be 100% confident.

In order to create something new, something you’ve never achieved before, you’re going to have to believe something you’ve never believed before.

Only 1% of people who lose weight, keep it off. It’s common to lose weight and put it back on.

I want you to be part of that 1%.

If you have lost that weight before but then gained it back, that’s a different result than the one we’re talking about.

We’re talking about you getting to your goal weight and it not being a struggle anymore, maintaining it effortlessly.

In order to create that result, achieve that goal, be in that place, you have to believe something you’ve never believed before, which is that it is possible for you.

It is possible for you.

It’s important to know the nutritional information, have a plan and be committed. But the bottom line is that you have to believe that this is possible for you.

You have to believe that this exists, that it’s true, that it’s real.

Look up my weight loss journey over on YouTube. Where she is now is not where she’s always been. But in order to get here, she had to believe that it is possible.

It’s important because if you don’t believe it, you will quit and get stuck in that dieting rollercoaster and weight loss struggle that so many people are on.

The diet rollercoaster:

Believe Take Action Stop Believing Quit

Instead, imagine what it would look like if you were 100% confident that this is going to happen. You’ll make it happen. It’s possible for you.


Practice feeling 100% confident that if you continue to take action you will get to this place of effortlessness and ease, where it’s natural and you look and feel great.

Decide today that you are going to keep moving forward with 100% confidence.

When doubt creeps in—and it will—don’t let it in. Remind yourself and practice 100% confidence.

Keep believing, keep believing, keep believing.

If you start to feel doubtful and you hit a sticky point, you’re more likely to quit. Don’t give up what you’re doing because you’re unsure and then you stop the healthy habits.

When you are filled with doubt, your actions are totally different than when you are feeling 100% confident.

When you feel 100% confident, that makes you feel more committed and helps you get through the sticky points.

Anytime you want to create a new result, achieve a new goal, get to a new weight or level of fitness, you have to first believe that it’s possible for you, that you will achieve it.

Belief, conviction, and confidence drive your actions.

Most people think that first, you achieve something and then once you achieve it, you feel confident.

It’s the opposite.

First, you have to believe it and create that confidence for yourself, then you will take the actions you need to achieve it.

Believe it’s possible for you and that you are going to make it happen.

When we are filled with doubt and uncertainty, we react to situations. When you are filled with confidence, you keep going even when it gets hard or you get tired or you don’t see all the changes you want right away.

You keep going.

Confidence is a feeling that you choose to have.

You can choose to feel doubt, let yourself be filled with uncertainty.

When you’ve never been able to achieve a certain result before—and we’ve never been taught this way of approaching this—what we usually do is think ‘if I’ve never been able to do it before, why would I believe it’s possible?’ Maybe you’re thinking:

  • I’ve never been able to do this before
  • I’ve never been able to lose these last 10 pounds
  • Weight loss has never come easily to me
  • Weight loss has always been a struggle

You can’t look back to your past for evidence of something that hasn’t happened yet.

Stop looking there!

You can not look back to your past for evidence of something new that you want to create.

If you keep looking there, you’ll keep finding evidence of when it wasn’t possible, when it wasn’t working, when your weight was a struggle.

Instead, look ahead. Focus on what’s possible and on believing that it’s possible and embracing it with 100% confidence.

It is possible for you.

Doubt is going to happen. You will have moments of insecurities. That is normal.

Reel it back in.

Remind yourself that you get to decide how you think and feel about this situation. You choose what attitude, energy, and approach you’ll bring to it, how you’re going to be.

Tell yourself, “I’m not going to let myself get filled with doubt and uncertainty.”

Decide to feel confident.

Intentionally pay attention to when you’re feeling doubt and uncertainty. Instead, feel 100% confident that your dream is possible for you and you will arrive there one day. It is possible for you and you deserve it.

The way you feel drives how you act, or whether you act or not.

If you’re going to be doing this process anyway, Brenda’s suggestion is that instead of doing it with fear, doubt, and uncertainty, you do it with 100% confidence, believing completely that this is going to happen.

Move forward that way, towards what you want.

Believe that what you want is possible and go get it with 100% confidence.

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