EP. 18- OWN IT! How owning and being PROUD of what you truly want (your weight loss goal) is KEY to losing the weight.


EP. 18- OWN IT! How owning and being PROUD of what you truly want (your weight loss goal) is KEY to losing the weight.

Do you own what you really want?

Do you own the fact that you want to lose your last 10 pounds?

Are you judging yourself for wanting it?

I judged myself for a long time about my desire to lose the last 10 pounds and that played a big part in not being able to achieve that goal.

For a lot of women, this is something we don’t give ourselves permission to want without shame or jdugement. We make it mean that we’re vain, shallow, superficial.

This shift was essential in me changing my results.

Why do we judge ourselves for wanting to lose the last 10 pounds?

It feels secretive and like we have to keep it hush-hush.

Did you feel secretive or ashamed or embarrassed to pursue other goals? E.g. career, getting a degree, getting a new job.

In those cases, it’s common to wan to own that you want to work hard to achieve it, be persistent, and be resilient. People say, “that’s awesome.”

But when it comes to the last 10 pounds? Not the same feedback from people.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it matters what you think.

Do you judge yourself for wanting to lose those last 10 pounds?

Next time someone asks, practice feeling confident and owning that goal.

Would you judge your friend or any other woman for wanting more: pursuing more money, furthering themselves in their career, travelling more often, winning or improving at a sport or having another baby.

A goal is a goal

If you are feeling sheepish or apologetic about your weight loss goal, get really curious about it. It’s so interesting that you’re feeling that way!

As yourself, “I wonder what I’m thinking that is making me feel this way?”

Remember, thoughts create feelings. You don’t have to think this way about that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that goal at all. The only reason it feels that way is because of the thoughts you’re thinking. Perhaps you’re thinking this:

  • That’s too much
  • It’s too greedy
  • I don’t want to make other women feel bad
  • I don’t want to be too pretty/too hot
  • If I [achieve this] I will be too much and other women won’t like me
  • I don’t want to feel braggy or too showy
  • I don’t want to be noticed
  • I don’t want to make others uncomfortable

Pay attention to those thoughts, because they’re not even true.

There is nothing wrong with getting to your dream come true. It doesn’t have to have shame around it. Take the judgment away.

Empower other women

Brenda is all about empowering a woman to achieve anything she wants. Why not try it too? How about thinking that instead of making others uncomfortable, you can be the example of what is possible for other women?

This applies to weight, body, health and any other area of your life. Show other women that they too can go and get what they want. You are totally capable. Go and get it and own it.

If you didn’t have to worry about what anyone else thought, and you weren’t being critical of yourself, what would be your dream come true?

Whatever that is, give yourself permission to want it without judging yourself or worrying about what anyone else is going to say about what you want.

Give yourself permission to want what you want

What do you want?

Save $5000 for a vacation

Pay off $3000 in credit card debt

Get a Masters Degree or PhD

Start your own business

Lose that last 10 pounds

Own it, without being critical or making it mean that you’re vain or shallow or superficial. What if it means you take amazing care of yourself? What if it means you create an amazing life for yourself? What if it means you are limitless and can create what you want?

If you haven’t given yourself permission to fully want what you want, you won’t be fully committed. Be proud of it, own it, share it like it’s comfortable and then fully go after it with 100% confidence that you can achieve it.

When you give yourself permission to really own whatever you want, it’s contagious. When you do that as a woman, it says to the other women ‘look what’s possible when you completely own it.

If you want it, you want it. Go get it!

No need feel secretive, ashamed, apologetic, sheepish, or keep it under the radar, worrying about others.

Be empowered to go after it in an awesome way. Be solid and grounded in what you want.

Give yourself permission to want it. Then effing own it!


If anyone asks or makes a comment. Instead of saying, “yeah, I’m kind of trying to be healthy” or “I’m trying to see if I can lose some weight.” Get courageous and own what you want. Talk about your goal in a way that you feel proud of it. Share it specifically and with excitement! “I want to lose 10 pounds by September. I’m really excited about.”

Ask yourself this question: What do I truly want? Be really honest with yourself.

Write it down. Then give yourself permission to want exactly what you wrote. Then OWN it, and go get it!

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