EP. 16- Bloating! How to manage it to lose your last 10 pounds.


EP. 16- Bloating! How to manage it to lose your last 10 pounds.

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I experience this every month, how about you?

Weight fluctuations happen to most women.

They’re consistently trending down, then one time they step on the scale, there’s no change or they’ve gone up a pound or two. Can you relate?

I get emails and messages from clients who are frustrated and confused. What’s happening? Their weight has fluctuated and they suddenly want to quit.

I experienced this process last week.

I was 124 pounds, and then the next day, I was suddenly 128. There was a bulge and I felt super bloated. My thoughts went to crazy town, I wanted to get upset.

I am human.

And if you are human, this does happen, it’s normal.

For me, it was hormonal. The bloating stayed there a solid 3 days, retaining water before my period, and then it took a couple days to go down.

I could just go to the place where I freak out, making it mean things aren’t possible for her. I am in a process of really trying to get lean and it’s a completely new goal for me.

Common reasons for bloating

A number of things can cause a sudden bloat or weight fluctuation:

  • Hormones/your period
  • You just had your joy eat in the last 48 hours
  • You consumed a lot of sodium
  • You consumed a lot of artificial sweeteners
  • You didn’t drink enough water
  • You’ve reached a sticky point or weight plateau

Being aware of these factors can really help you manage your mind. Remember, you are human and bloating does happen.

It’s all about how you manage your mind

Do you ever think, “My body isn’t normal”?

Do you get pissed off, frustrated, upset, lose hope and end up quitting?

Does that lead to sabotaging?

I used to do this.

My brain did initially want to go there, but because I have this new tool, I was able to of manage my brain. Simply noticing these thoughts, that want to freak out and get filled with doubt and frustration, is powerful.

There are always two options:

  1. Freak out. Sit on the couch, in your yoga pants, eating a pizza, wine, popcorn, ice cream. Feel impatient with the process and impatient with your body.


  1. Choose to remain calm. Remind yourself that weight fluctuations are normal. Practice compassion. Be okay with being where you are. Let yourself not be at your optimal for a few days. Let it be. Don’t make it mean nothing’s working or will ever work. It will pass. Stay committed anyway. Remind yourself the results are on the way.

Damage control

When you go to the freak out option, more than likely, binging and sabotaging will be the result. Then you do gain weight, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Instead, choose to remain calm and committed.

Let it be.

Be patient with your body and compassionate with yourself.

Keep on track. The results are on the way.

Remember this next time you feel bloated.

It’s normal. Let it be.

Keep your head in a space where you are able to stay committed

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