EP. 74: STOP impatience & frustration in their tracks! so that you can get to your goal weight sabotage -free.


EP. 74: STOP impatience & frustration in their tracks! so that you can get to your goal weight sabotage -free.

Welcome back to the Last Ten Podcast. Do you ever feel like weight loss is too hard and it’s taking too long? I myself have experienced these thoughts and encounter many clients who struggle with this, even clients who are losing weight. Your mind might not sound exactly like this but you may find yourself thinking other thoughts that relate to frustration.

When you feel like your weight loss journey is not going the way you expect it should, it creates feelings of frustration and impatience and possibly some resentment. Notice and think about your weight loss process, do you consistently have those negative kind of thoughts? Do you find yourself frustrated when thinking about it, especially when stepping on the scale?

In this episode, I use powerful metaphors to explain weight loss and how your expectations sabotage you. We do ourselves a disservice by wanting it to be easy, effortless and fast. We want it to be faster than it is.

I have clients who are losing weight. They are successful but they want it to be faster than it is.

What if you didn’t wish the entire way through that it was faster? What if you gave it the time it actually takes? It is a game changer when you are not wanting it to be faster. Whatever weight your body is losing is the weight your body is losing. Keep giving your body the time and keep showing up.

Go into the process knowing it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take time. Do it because it’s important to you. When I was approaching weight loss with this idea that I wanted it to be easy, I would feel resentful. I would feel self pity. When I wanted it to be faster than it was I would get frustrated and impatient. Because I had this belief that I wanted it to be easier and felt that it shouldn’t be so hard. Those beliefs would cause frustration. Those unfair feelings lead me often to go into that “eff it” mode. “This is too hard, fine I’ll have all the drinks and deserts I want this weekend.”

It’s going to be uncomfortable at times. That mindset is everything. It prepares you to keep moving forward. You get to decide how much weight you want to lose and why. What would this weight loss journey feel like if you weren’t in a hurry? Grant this process permission to take time. It’s a physiological process and losing weight is a project.

In this episode:

  • Feeling frustrated or impatient when it comes to weight loss
  • Powerful metaphors
  • Losing weight is a project
  • Settling into the journey
  • It’s going to take time and that’s fine
  • Dedication and commitment
  • I’m ready mindset
  • Shifting your thinking
  • Creating the results, you want for yourself

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