EP. 67- ‘OFF PLAN’ eating- What to after you eat ‘off plan’ (unplanned ‘JOY EATS’)


EP. 67- ‘OFF PLAN’ eating- What to after you eat ‘off plan’ (unplanned ‘JOY EATS’)

On today’s episode, learn how to decide what to do when you don’t eat as planned. Maybe you have a Joy Eat planned but end up eating something unplanned prior to your Joy Eat. Should you still eat your Joy Eat as planned? Find out on this episode of The Last Ten Podcast.

If you don’t know what a Joy Eat is, listen to episodes 4-7 to find out, in detail, what exactly a Joy Eat is.

As you make decisions about what to eat, make sure you choose what you choose for a reason you love, for a reason that feels good to you, serves you and aligns with your goals. There is no right or wrong reasons, no good or bad reasons. You either love your reasons or you don’t. It’s about feeling confident and committed. No one can tell you what’s right for you. You need to make your decisions being deliberately aware and focusing on determining what will best serve you and your end goal.

Guilt, worry, mistrust, restriction, deprivation aren’t reasons to make any decision. These can sometimes feel necessary but rarely are. If you are making decisions that come from guilt, worry, mistrust, restriction or deprivation or don’t like your outcome, a change needs to happen. Change happens by pausing deliberately and thinking about how you want to think and feel about that particular thing, moment, decision or circumstance. It’s important to stop, pause and check in.

In this episode:

  • Creating the results you want
  • Thoughts and beliefs
  • Learning how to “fish”
  • What won’t work in the long run
  • Strategy, confidence and commitment
  • The key is the feeling it creates
  • Making a change
  • How to make the right decision

Find out more related to decision making and how to proceed when you don’t eat as planned. Eating off plan is always emotional and it can difficult to know what to do. I can’t tell you what to do or what’s best for you but I can give you the tools to figure out what’s best for you and how to make that decision for yourself.

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