EP. 68- THE BEST APPROACH for success losing the MOST stubborn weight.


EP. 68- THE BEST APPROACH for success losing the MOST stubborn weight.

On today’s episode, we are going to be diving deep into one of the things that keep many of my clients, listeners and women in general stuck. I personally struggled with this topic as well, the topic of “beating” yourself up when you mess up. When I wouldn’t eat as planned or when I would mess up I would feel like a failure, be filled with regret and put myself down. I also see this many times with my clients.

In these situations, you might find yourself think “What’s wrong with me?”, “I can never get it right.”, “I already messed up so I might as well eat whatever.” It’s a vicious cycle of generating self pity, frustration and doubt.

I want to encourage you to truly pause in these moments and extract what there is to be learned. You can learn from these situations and develop your skill. Although, many times we tend to make a huge mountain out of a molehill. Then that’s what keeps women stuck and sabotaging.

At my heaviest I was 197 pounds. I am about 120 now. At the time I lost a ton of weight. I was getting compliments and feeling really good. Although I didn’t trust myself at all. I felt like I could lose control at any time. I still had desires to overeat and binge but I was using pure willpower to not do that.

I was getting ready to go on annual trip to Mexico at Christmas with my family. Because I didn’t trust myself, I decided not to go. I was scared I would lose control and gain all the weight back. That same night after they left, I didn’t understand why but now I get I was anxious. Willpower is not sustainable. I felt like my body was being taken over and I lost control. That night I went to Wendy’s and order meal, soda and fries and then proceeded to eat it in the car. It wasn’t a planned Joy Eat type situation. I shoved it down my mouth and felt regretful as I. I went through at least 5 drive- throughs that night. I was physically uncomfortable and stuffed. From that first bite at Wendy’s I was already filled with regretful feelings of what I was doing, I was messing up already.

I was mentally and emotionally beating myself up for messing this up. I felt like a failure before I even took that first bite. After that night, I did that same thing for the next 12 days, for the entire duration my family was gone. What drove me to keep eating was feeling like a failure and feeling like I was messing it up.

I want you to see that now, food is now no longer my struggle at all. I want to be a source of hope no matter how screwed up your relationship for food is. I have been there and it is possible to change it.

Observe what is going on. What am I feeling? What do I need? You can’t gain an actual pound of fat of one day of overeating. You gain weight by consistently overeating. Think about letting yourself be the student. See the benefit is going to serve you so much more than not letting yourself be the student. You are showing up to something to learn and don’t expect yourself to be a master at it, especially at first.

In this episode:

  • My personal struggle with self food shaming
  • Self sabotaging
  • Being hung up on mistakes and overeating
  • Being okay with sucking at losing weight at first
  • Thinking about weight loss as a skill you are learning
  • Food doesn’t fix things
  • Your thoughts create your feelings
  • Your urges are the feeling of wanting something
  • Out of all the punches you throw, you won’t throw them all perfectly
  • You won’t ever be good at something if you never let yourself be bad at it
  • Learning moments
  • Developing emotional courage
  • Managing your desire rather than resisting
  • Giving yourself the space for learning
  • Getting better as you practice
  • Not being critical so you can just keep moving forward

Learn more about my struggle, letting go of punishing yourself, healing your relationships with food and how to be a student of weight loss in this episode.

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