EP. 61- BE DELIBERATE (required for intentional results)


EP. 61- BE DELIBERATE (required for intentional results)

Hey Gorgeous! Welcome back to the podcast. Happy Monday! I am recording this podcast for the very first time in my new home office! We’ve finally completed the process of buying and moving into our new home. I adore it. The house is considered a historic home, but the inside has been completely gutted and remodeled and is gorgeous. I posted some pictures on my Instagram. It reminds me a little bit of Joanna Gaines’ style from Fixer Upper, which I love, but a little bit more modern.

In December I recorded a podcast episode about creating your vision. In front of me, I have my vision board for 2018. It blows my mind just how similar the images of my dream kitchen are to my new kitchen. It has so much lighting from the skylights, counter to ceiling white tile, and a massive island with a farm sink and an incredible farmhouse style bench.

There’s also a picture of this little labradoodle that looks just like waffles, and then there are some pictures that represent paying off my consumer debt (which I’m well on my way to doing) and women going through pregnancy (fingers crossed!). I’m not telling you this to brag; I just wanted you to know just how powerful creating your own vision can be. When you are deliberate about making the choices that can make your vision a reality, you can accomplish anything.

Making Deliberate Choices

If I were to sum up this entire podcast into just one short sentence, that sentence would be, “Be deliberate in your choices.” Intentional Choices = Intentional Results. It starts with having a vision for your goals. Your vision needs to be clear. Pick your goal weight. Set a timeline, and be deliberate in your choices. When you’re not deliberate in your day-to-day choices, you won’t get exceptional results. Be an adult about your weight and your food. It’s time to take responsibility. Your results are the ones that you create. Deliberately choose not to order that mimosa or that stack of pancakes. Only those kinds of deliberate choices can empower you to reach your goals.

The Power of Managing our Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results

I used to spend every year recycling my failed weight loss goals. Before I learned to change the way I thought, felt, and acted, I was stuck. I thought nothing I could do would ever change my weight or the way I felt about my body. I was stuck on a hamster wheel.

Then I learned to manage my thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. Instead of recycling my weight loss goals year after year, now I’m creating vision after vision and achieving goal after goal month after month and year after year! Learning to break through the struggles I had with weight loss taught me how to be unlimited. If I want to create a result, I can! To achieve your weight loss goals and later your life goals, you have to make deliberate decisions. Each and every choice has to serve the bigger purpose.

“You’ll Never Change Your Life Until You Change Something You Do Daily; The Secret of Your Success is Found in Your Daily Routine.”

Just like intentional choices create intentional results. Unintentional choices create unintentional results. Take responsibility this week for the foods you eat. Every time you sit down to have a meal, make an intentional decision that will create the future you want and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.  

Go out there, get deliberate and create intentional results. Have a fantastic week, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!