EP. 5- Curious about weight coaching? Listen in on me doing a weight coaching call. Learn exactly how weight coaching can be what changes everything for you.


EP. 5- Curious about weight coaching? Listen in on me doing a weight coaching call. Learn exactly how weight coaching can be what changes everything for you.

These are common questions my clients ask. If you’ve been struggling with getting to your goal weight and managing your life, career and business at the same time, maybe hiring or signing up for a program is the missing piece.

I recorded one of my 30 minute consultation calls with the permission of Selena. Selena and I had worked together before and she did lose about 25 pounds, but it’s been months since we’ve worked together and Selena was feeling stuck. In the 3 weeks since this call that you will hear, she has gone on to lose 6 pounds. So coaching really is valuable and powerful.

Not only is coaching useful when you have someone to coach you, but you can learn so much that you can apply to your life and get great results by listening to someone else be coached, too. It helps to have this bird’s eye view of someone, how they’re feeling stuck and challenged, and it’s clear to see what they’re doing and why they’re stuck. Once you do that, you can apply the same lessons to your own life.

Here’s some key quotes from the live coaching call with Selena:

  • I can pinpoint the last picture that I was feeling good about myself. And then I don’t know what happened. Well I do know what happened…I felt that I couldn’t focus on me and of the business. It had to be one or the other.
  • Your thoughts create your feelings. This is the foundation of everything…Feelings drive your actions, and your actions get your results.
  • You’re telling yourself you need a coach and that you can’t do this without a coach. When you believe the thought, ‘I cant do this without a coach’ it makes you feel inferior, unable, unmotivated.
  • It’s not whether you have a coach or not. Right? What is it? It’s the belief that you need a coach.
  • I think you’re using it as an excuse to not continue to take action. You telling yourself that you need a coach to lose weight or that you can’t do it without a coach is giving yourself a reason to not take action. You already know what you need to do.
  • You getting to this goal is about honoring your commitments. The reason you haven’t been continuing to take action is not because you don’t have a coach or because I’m not coaching you, but because you’re not committed. And the commitment comes each time that you’re going to make a choice like this.
  • Is it easier when somebody is holding you accountable? It could be, if you think it’s easier.
  • You don’t need a coach you don’t need anything else you just need to be committed because if you’re 100 percent committed there’s like a million ways you can get that result but you’ll figure out a way.
  • You’re telling yourself “I can’t get to this goal unless I have a coach but I’m not willing to hire one.” …If you absolutely want to keep believing that but you are committed to your goal, then hire a coach. But if you’re not going to hire one that isn’t going to serve you at all.
  • You can either decide you are going to be committed and go get it. Go create that thing, take action, make it happen. Or you can be like, you know… it is not something I want enough to do something and then just kind of like let it go. Either way you’re kind of set yourself free of it and there is no right or wrong.
  • Overwhelmed. I don’t believe I can do anything. What I don’t believe that I can take to the next level, I start, I obviously don’t make good choices. Food wise. Just a really stuck feeling.
  • So then you don’t take the actions you need to take to get the results that you want …and then you prove to yourself, you create evidence that you can’t do both at the same time.
  • Pay attention to what you’re thinking and all of these thoughts in this conversation. These ideas, these beliefs that we talked about that really make you feel ablem that make you feel motivated, that make you feel committed, practice believing those on purpose daily.
  • Changing our habits is not easy, it’s not comfortable. But if you want a different result you’re going to have to do some different.
  • Practice believing it because that’s going to make a difference You don’t need a coach. You don’t need anything outside of you.
  • They’re not going to go away after this one conversation. They’re going to come back because it’s what your brain is used to thinking. Like, don’t freak out. Nothing’s gone wrong, just notice that it’s what you’re thinking. And you can even ask yourself in that moment, do I want to keep believing that? Then start practicing these new beliefs on purpose.