EP. 226- REBUILDING TRUST & BODY RELATIONSHIP (How my client lost 50 pounds by re-learning to TRUST herself & her body).

For a woman to be raised in the 21st century ( especially within a western culture!) is synonymous with BEING TAUGHT TO BE AT WAR WITH YOUR BODY.

This might sound exaggerated and overdramatic, BUT if you are a listener of this podcast- my guess is that the likelihood of you knowing EXACTLY what I’m talking about is pretty damn high.

Most of my clients feel this way when they come to me. They are exhausted from the never-ending battle with themselves and their body.

I understand this deeply because I’ve also been there.

In this episode, my client Minta shares how she was able to lose 50 pounds (which she couldn’t have even imagined was possible!) … and she lost this weight by rebuilding trust with herself, and creating a completely new relationship with her body that is now driven by LOVE and even admiration, vs the decades of daily self hatred.

She lost: 50 pounds.


If you’re wanting a weight loss that doesn’t just show up on the scale, but that penetrates to your VERY SOUL- you gotta listen to this one.

It’s possible for you too, my sister.

It’s time we put down the weapons and stop being at war with our own body (although, PLEASE know that it’s not your fault, it’s exactly what we’ve been taught…)

The good news is that no matter what you’ve learned and how much you’ve battled with all of this in the past: it’s never too late, and I can show you a new way.