EP. 288- Losing the weight AND LOVING your body [Client Success – Kathy]

You’re gonna fall in love with my client Kathy.

Listen in this week as she shares with you the mindset shifts and habit changes that were required to create her EXACT desired transformation.

She came into the program:
-Feeling deeply defective and even ‘broken’ for the ongoing weight/food struggle she found herself in
-Knowing ‘how’ to lose weight but NEVER felt able to ‘keep the weight off’ and
-Never having been able to experience LOVING her body.
-NOT trusting herself to buy food and bring it into her home without sabotaging

In the program she was able to…
-Create the physique she had been trying to achieve for DECADES.
-Fall in love with her body. (*you gotta hear her talk about this. Have your tissues ready!)
-Feel SO confident and GOOOOD in her body, that NOW you’ll find her strutting around poolside rockin’ them thong bikinis
-Bring ANY food into her home, in ANY amount, and doesn’t spend a single moment worried about overeating it…and this isn’t even ALL of what Kathy was able to experience and transform.

This list is just a small sampling. There’s SO MUCH MORE. (So make sure to listen!)

Having exposure to the thoughts, updated beliefs, and required strategy changes of my clients who’ve had life-changing transformations is so incredibly valuable.

They say “success leaves clues”… and they’re absolutely right.

As Kathy shares with you about her specific breakthroughs and what was necessary for her to change BOTH her experience and her results- take notes and listen closely.

She tells you exactly how she got the most out of The Last 10 process, and what she believes was necessary in order to guarantee that she created for herself the exact results in her physique that she wanting.

Tune in this week to learn the mindset shifts that are necessary + the strategic changes required to lose this weight for the last time.


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