EP. 287- Losing 30 pounds in 19 weeks with Nicole [CLIENT SUCCESS]

This week my client Nicole is sharing with you how she lost 30 pounds in 19 weeks.

She also shares with you how she was able to go from literally not being able to buy shorts (even in the hot summers!) to now truly ENJOYING her body this summer and having the confidence to wear WHATEVER SHE WANTS for the first time as an adult, since she can remember!

Having exposure to the thoughts, updated beliefs, and required strategy changes of my clients who’ve had life-changing transformations is so incredibly valuable.

They say “success leaves clues”… and they’re absolutely right.

As Nicole shares with you about her specific breakthroughs and what was necessary for her to change BOTH her experience and her results- take notes and listen closely.

She tells you exactly how she got the most out of The Last 10 process, and she even gives her personal recommendation for what’s needed in order to guarantee that you create the exact results that YOU are wanting.

Tune in this week to learn the mindset shifts that are necessary, as well as the strategic changes required to really lose this weight for the last time.


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