EP. 278- EMOTIONAL COURAGE [the ONLY 3 SKILLS YOU NEED to lose the weight and empower your relationship with food- PART 1]

I know you think weight loss is overwhelming and complicated, and you’re damn near ready to give up hope and throw in the towel.

(and trust me, I get it because I battled with my weight and food for 2 decades)

But weight loss can be simple.

There’s literally only 3 skills you need.

I also know that you think that losing ‘the last 10 pounds’ is only for a select few. It’s not.

Myself and TONSSSSS of my clients that have been able to lose the weight we had wanted to lose AND ALSO put an end to the mental/emotional struggle with weight and food- just by learning a process and THESE 3 SKILLS for losing weight.

These 3 skills make losing your weight and being DONE with the struggle more simple and approachable than ever.

AND YES, it’s true- There’s TONS of approaches out there for losing weight.

THIS ONE is the most effective AND empowering.

It actually changes your life.

In this episode I take a deep dive into one of the 3 core skills [EMOTIONAL COURAGE)] and tell you why THIS ONE skill alone is worth learning.

(I’ll be talking about the other 2, in the upcoming episodes…)

When you learn and develop the skillset of EMOTIONAL COURAGE:
You can literally follow ANY food plan you choose.
-You can lose whatever amount of weight you desire.
-You will feel unstoppable about your goal, EMPOWERED, and IN the drivers seat of THIS area of your life

THIS SKILL is what you need in order to lose the weight you want to lose.

It’s also a skill you’ll need in order to MAINTAIN those results that you worked so hard to create

I am not kidding you, or exaggerating, when I say to you that :
–> It is WORTH joining the LAST 10 program and learning THE LAST 10 method, JUST to learn THIS one skillset.

THIS ONE SKILL SET ALONE will change the trajectory of your weight loss journey no matter how frustratingly stuck that you feel right now – or for how long – you’ve felt this stuck.

If you learn (and master) THIS ONE SKILL it will be 100% WORTH IT.

Hands down, THIS skillset is what allowed me to change my relationship with food COMPLETELY.
Which then, allowed me to finally lose ALL the weight I had been wanting to lose.

If you make it YOUR JOB to learn and develop and master this ONE skill then you’ll be able to say… goodbye, weight struggle! HELLO RESULTS.

I’ve been asked SO many times, ‘Brenda, what made the biggest difference for you?’


Emotional Courage is a skill.
It’s more than a weight loss skill (although you WILL lose the weight!)- it’s a life skill.

And just like any other skill, it must be learned.
(*that’s the best news btw! because people aren’t just born with it. And this also means that if you don’t have it YET, you can just DEVELOP IT)

There is literally NO WHERE ESLE. No other coach. No other program, that teaches this the way that I do.

It worked for me, and it’s worked for 100’s of my clients. (you’ve heard them on the podcast!)