EP. 279- MENTAL FLEXIBILITY [the ONLY 3 SKILLS YOU NEED to lose the weight and empower your relationship with food – PART 2]

In this 3-part podcast series, I break down the ONLY 3 skills you need to lose this weight and empower your relationship with food.

There’s literally only 3 skills you need.

I know that it can feel like losing ‘the last 10 pounds’ is only for a select few. It’s not.

Your weight loss can be made simple just by learning a process and THESE 3 SKILLS for losing weight.

These 3 skills make losing your weight and being DONE with the struggle more simple and approachable than ever.

AND YES, it’s true- There’s TONS of approaches out there for losing weight.

THIS ONE is the most effective AND empowering.

In this episode: MENTAL FLEXIBILITY.

Mental flexibility is defined as the ability to change your course in thinking.

It’s the process of uncovering the thoughts, beliefs, & perspectives that are keeping you stuck NOW and then also paired with the ability to be FLEXIBLE with approaching things a different way.

When you’ve learned the skill of MENTAL FLEXIBILITY, you then have ability (the mental flexibility!) to decide HOW you want to think and WHAT You want to believe. And this matters because ALL of your decisions (behaviors, actions) are determined by your thinking (aka your brain).

No matter what you’ve been thinking or believing up until now, Mental Flexibility is a skill that can be developed.

I break down the two things that allow our HUMAN BRAIN to develop Mental Flexibility as a skill — Neuroplasticity and Metacognition.

HERE’S THE THING: When you feel like you’ve tried LITERALLY every single ‘diet’ and you end up sabotaging in the same ways – or ‘nothing works’ – that’s because your decisions (which create your results) will ultimately, always be determined by your core beliefs (including your self concept) and your thinking.

There’s no getting around it.

Regardless what food approach you want to use or implement (*I can tell you that your ‘food approach’ matters the LEAST) IF you want to change any habits of overeating, emotional eating, sabotaging, lack of commitment, or quitting on your goal – you’ve gotta change YOUR THINKING.

Changing your beliefs and you thinking REQUIRE MENTAL FLEXIBILITY.

When you learn and develop the skillset of MENTAL FLEXIBILITY:
You can literally follow ANY food plan you choose.
-You can lose the amount of weight that YOU decide you want to lose.
-You will feel unstoppable about your goal, EMPOWERED, and IN the drivers seat of THIS area of your life

(*important note: It’s also a skill you’ll NEED in order to MAINTAIN those results once you’ve created them)

THIS ONE SKILL SET ALONE will change the trajectory of your weight loss journey no matter how frustratingly stuck that you feel right now – or for how long – you’ve felt this stuck.

If you learn (and master) THIS ONE SKILL it will be 100% WORTH IT.

Mental Flexibility is a skill.
And just like any other skill, it must be learned.
(*that’s the best news btw! because people aren’t just ‘born with it’. And this also means that if you don’t have it YET, you can simply DEVELOP IT)

There is literally NO WHERE ESLE. No other coach. No other program, that teaches this the way that I do.

It worked for me, and it’s worked for 100’s of my clients. (you’ve heard them on the podcast!)

You CAN do this.

It CAN be simple.