EP. 9- ALL ABOUT DAIRY & WHY you should ditch it to get to your goal weight.


EP. 9- ALL ABOUT DAIRY & WHY you should ditch it to get to your goal weight.

The dairy industry has done an amazing job with their marketing, making us believe that we need dairy and that it’s good for us.

None of this is true.

In fact, it is far from the truth. I am 100% confident on this. Specifically and especially for women, and how dairy affects hormones, dairy is not something that is good for your body.

Dairy keeps many women frustrated with their weight.


What happens when you consume dairy?

How can you stop eating dairy so you can get the results that you want without feeling deprived?

There are two main reasons dairy keeps you from getting to your goal weight.

It is highly allergenic and triggers inflammation.

Studies have found that at least 75% of people have some degree of intolerance to dairy. You don’t have to be lactose intolerant to fall in this category. You’re probably familiar with lactose, but it’s only one aspect of the milk. Lactose is the milk sugars, and some are intolerant to that. But also, many people have a sensitivity to the casein, the milk protein. Just because something says lactose-free, that doesn’t necessarily make it a better option.

Dairy itself, not just the lactose, is highly allergenic and causes some degree of reaction and inflammation in at least 75% of people. It is stated by the FDA that milk is one of the top 8 most allergenic foods.

Most women have dairy sensitivities. It will stall your weight loss and may even be causing you to gain weight.

What about skim milk?

It might even be worse because they’ve taken out some of the fat content in that milk, which means it’s a higher percentage of lactose—the milk sugar—so it will raise your blood sugar levels. As we know, that releases insulin, which puts you in fat storage mode.

It disrupts your hormones

Hormones are the bosses in your body and they determine a lot of what your body does, how it functions and reacts.

Dairy is bad for your hormones. It throws off your hormones, causing you to store excess fat, making it difficult or impossible to lose weight.

Cows in the United States are injected with genetically modified growth hormones so that they will produce more milk. The reason? Profit.

You are what you eat. But you are also what you eat but you also are what you eat ate.

When we eat and drink dairy products, we are also consuming those artificial growth hormones that the cows have been consuming, and that affects your own hormones in your body.

Not only that, on top of these growth hormones, the cows are also constantly being treated with heavy antibiotics, and they’re fattened up on purpose by being fed GMO corn and soy products. It’s the cheapest way to fatten them up quick.

Guess what? If the cows are consuming that, and then you eat dairy, you consume it too.

To switch or not to switch

If you’re thinking about switching to almond or soy milk, look at the ingredients. When you buy any kind of product at the grocery store, don’t look at the marketing on the packaging. Look at the listed ingredients. Pay attention because often the second ingredient in almond and soy milk is sugar!

If you can find an almond milk that is literally just almonds, go for it. But for the most part, you’re going to find in grocery stores not a quality food product.

What to drink instead

A great option is water! So often, we are so quick to drink other things but what we really need to be giving our body is water. It’s the most amazing detox aid and it will help you lose weight. Being better hydrated helps improve your skin and digestion too, so it’s a win-win!

What about calcium?

You might think that milk is the best way to get calcium, but you can actually get way more calcium from eating leafy greens. They also give you other vitamins as well, and fiber!

But, Brenda, I love cheese!

If you want to lose weight successfully, it won’t serve you to be feeling restricted and deprived because you’ll sabotage what you’re doing. Remember that we cause our feelings with our thoughts. So anytime you’re feeling restricted and deprived from not eating something, it’s actually because of the thoughts you’re having about it.

Instead of telling yourself that you can’t have it, focus on saying you’re choosing not to because of your goals.

Don’t say: “I can’t have cheese, this sucks!”

Do say: “I’m choosing not to have cheese because I want to finally lose these last 10 pounds.”

Own that choice!

CHALLENGE: Stop consuming dairy for two weeks and see what happens. Do you feel better? Are you less bloated? Do you have less inflammation? Do you lose weight? Does your skin clear up?

You will see results!

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