EP. #73: Exhausted & Tired?? 3 strategies for managing fatigue without blowing your weight loss plan.


EP. #73: Exhausted & Tired?? 3 strategies for managing fatigue without blowing your weight loss plan.

Welcome back to the Last Ten Podcast. Today we are going to talk about feeling tired. I used to use being tired as an excuse to eat and would eat foods I wouldn’t normally eat. Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our actions and actions create our results. We have to develop our emotional courage and emotional IQ. Learn how you can stop sabotaging yourself so you can actually create and achieve what you want to create in your life. I will also be revealing a beautiful announcement in this episode.

When I was really struggling with my weight, being tired was such a struggle. I would have jerk reactions, like I just needed a snack, usually something crunchy or something sweet. I would find myself feeling this way later in the day or later in the week, as I got more and more tired.

Once my body got tired, I would eat things I wouldn’t typically eat. I would think things such as, “I’m so tired, I need something to keep me going, to get me through this.”

For a lot of women, being tired is associated with eating. What this does is give our body a quick source of energy that it can use as fuel, but also it’s important to know it will cause a spike in your blood sugar. Anytime there is a huge spike there will also be a huge crash. For optimal health, stabilized energy and weight loss, you want stabilized blood sugar. It’s the foundation for optimal health as humans. This will also support your mood and stable energy.

The goal is stability and being prepared ahead of time to maintain that stability. In this episode, I will share my In Case of Emergency Strategy, what I like to call ICE. This strategy involves creating a plan and deciding ahead of time what you will do when you’re tired. That way when you’re tired, instead of reaching for the cookies, you will default to your ICE plan. You no longer have to make a decision; you just follow your plan.

Another strategy I use is just to allow myself to be tired. Why do you need to fix it or change it? As women, we expect we are going to have high energy and always be on all the time. Allow yourself to be tired and to be in that state. What if that is human and okay?

Also consider using the strategy of reminding yourself you can do this, you’ve got this and you can rest later. Check in with yourself and remind yourself that you will get the rest you need. Allow yourself to have the level of energy you have.

In this episode:

  • My big announcement
  • The struggle of being tired and fatigued
  • Associating being tired with being hungry
  • The goal is stability
  • Strategies for navigating being tired
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) strategy
  • Noticing the specific times, days, situations and moments you feel most tired
  • Allowing yourself to have a different energy, to be tired and to just rest

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