how to stop eating sugar without feeling deprived or restricted


EP. 7- How to STOP EATING SUGAR without feeling deprived or restricted. ALL ABOUT SUGAR & WHY you should ditch it to get to your goal weight.


EP. 7- How to STOP EATING SUGAR without feeling deprived or restricted. ALL ABOUT SUGAR & WHY you should ditch it to get to your goal weight.

In episode 6, I gave an overview of the formula she teaches clients to use to get the results they want with their weight.

In this episode, I take a deep dive into sugar.
It’s really important that you actually understand why it’s important to ditch flour, sugar, dairy and processed foods so Brenda will devote an entire episode to each. It’s important that you understand why and what’s happening in your body.

Sugar is a manmade product.

Sugar is not something that you naturally find in nature, but a processed substance. When you consume sugar, it triggers the release of insulin, the hormone responsible for fat storage. Sugar is intensely sweet, and when you consume it, it throws your hunger signals out of kilter. Although you’re eating a small volume of food when you consume sugar, you eat tons of calories. From a weight loss perspective, this is important. Not only are you not getting much food so you don’t feel satiated, but you’re also usually getting no nutrition. Your body still needs the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients, which is how eating sugar throws off your hunger signals and leads to overeating. Sugar is actually an anti-nutrient, because the body has to utilize nutrients to process the toxins it it. It causes inflammation as well as weight gain.

Sugar activates your dopamine rewards system

The dopamine reward system in the brain rewards addictive behaviors. That means you will want sugar again and again, and eating it is an intense experience, just like a drug. It spikes blood sugar levels too, so it physiologically gives you a little high. Hence, the cravings you feel for sweet treats. It’s also why some people experience withdrawal symptoms from sugar too.

The secret to avoiding sugar

Check the labels on food products, too. Sugar doesn’t only come in teaspoons in your coffee. It’s in almost all processed food. It also goes b y many names: high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, sucralose and about 100 other names, including artificial sweeteners.

Sugar and hormones

Sugar throws out all of your hormones, which is especially important for ladies. Hormones mean everything for weight loss, especially the last 10 pounds. Maybe it’s your cortisol levels or your melatonin that’s the problem, or any of the other hormones that are boss when you lose weight. The way to optimize and rebalance your hormones, which are going to like keep you lean, feeling young and energized, and your skin looking awesome, is by having stable blood sugar levels. If you eat in a way that really keeps your blood sugar levels stable, you will be able to lose your last few pounds.

Reasons not to consume sugar:

  • it messes with your hormones, because
  • it messes with your blood sugar levels
  • it throws out your hunger signals completely
  • it causes inflammation.
  • it is a toxin and a poison in our body so
  • it’s actually an anti-nutrient and
  • it activates the reward system meaning that
  • it’s going to reinforce that behavior, causing cravings and
  • that just leads to that vicious cycle

Afraid of feeling deprived?

What do you want more: to have your favorite treat or get to your goal weight?

If your answer is that you want to get to your goal weight, then remind yourself of that. A lot of women say to themselves constantly that they can’t have sugar, they can’t have chocolate, they can’t have wine.

And if you think that way, that’s your problem. The reason you feel deprived is because you’re telling yourself you can’t have it but you want it.

The truth is not that you can’t have sugar or that you can’t have chocolate or candy or wine. The truth is that you’re choosing not to.

Tell yourself the truth.

You can have anything you want at any given moment, but you’re choosing not to have sugar so you can get to your goal.

If you allow yourself to think that you can’t have it, that’s when you feel deprived and restricted. That is also when people end up sabotaging their goals and binging. Remind yourself that you’re choosing not to, and feel empowered.

You are stoked and excited, focused, committed and determined. Notice how different this kind of thinking is.

If you truly want it and it works for you and your goal, then have it, love it and enjoy it. But if you are more excited about your goal, own your choice.

That is how you start being the boss of your results. You always have a choice.

So remember that choice is up to you!