EP. 275- TOOLS TO EMPOWER your weight loss results and YOUR LIFE.

In this episode I  share with you a recent experience and WHY it matters so much for me to have dedicated the time, energy and attention to change and EMPOWER this area of my life that has to do with my weight, my body, and my relationship with food.

You’ll learn exactly WHY IT MATTERS FOR YOU ALSO, and why not only is it worth your time, energy and effort, but WHY YOU DESERVE IT.

When it comes to weight loss, what you’ll mostly hear it things like- you gotta be ‘more disciplined’…

What I’ve found in my MANY YEARS doing this work (I’ve been running the last 10 program for 5 yrs now!) and what I’ve found is actually true: is that THIS area of your life needs a total self-love overhaul.

You can’t build empowerment and freedom on judgment and shame.

So the process that you use to lose the weight you want to lose MATTERS.

You can’t hate yourself into results that FEEL amazing.

(We know this because it hasn’t worked for you in all these years – hating myself was never effective for me either!)

You gotta  give yourself MORE love and support.

NOT less.

This episode is a MUST LISTEN.LISTEN NOW.

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