EP. 82- Listener Q&A- PART TWO


EP. 82- Listener Q&A- PART TWO

Welcome to the Last Ten Podcast. Today, I have an exciting announcement to share with you all! Many of you know I am currently pregnant. We recently had our gender reveal and I’m excited to announce we are having a beautiful baby girl.

On today’s episode, I will be diving into part two of our listener Q &A that I started on the previous episode. We will talk about missing your favorite foods, the desires you create and why willpower doesn’t work.

Cravings don’t just happen to us. You can only crave something or feel the desire for something after you have generated that desire from your thoughts. Instead of thinking about snacking or food so much, strategically change your thoughts to think about other things and other goals.

From feeling restricted to managing desires to having a social life while trying to lose weight, it comes down to your thoughts. The key to living the life you want and having the life you want requires changing your thoughts and establishing habits that fit into the lifestyle you want.

In this episode:

  • Missing your favorite foods
  • Eating strategically
  • How you think of the word diet
  • Willpower doesn’t work
  • Defining willpower
  • Managing your desire
  • My personal perspective of weight
  • Having a social life and losing weight

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