EP. 83- Weight loss through the holidays! [PART ONE- case study]


EP. 83- Weight loss through the holidays! [PART ONE- case study]

Welcome to the Last Ten Podcast. Today we’ll be discussing how to navigate the holiday season. It’s important to have a game plan for the holidays. Ask yourself what is your plan for yourself this holiday season. Do you want to gain, maintain or lose weight?

The first step to achieving something in your life is believing it is possible. I will be having a conversation today with a woman who was able to see results and reach her goals during the holidays. It is possible when you have the right tools. She was able to lose almost 20 pounds through the holidays and her birthday.

Changing your life doesn’t happen by accident. Learn how Araceli changed her life, lost the weight and conquered her goals during the holiday season. It is possible to achieve and maintain whatever results you want and maintain them when you are committed and have the right tools.

In this episode:

  • Having a plan for the holidays
  • Losing weight and see results during the holiday season
  • Araceli’s story and struggle with weight loss
  • Having the right tools and resources
  • Reframing your thoughts
  • Importance of committing
  • Changing your default settings to something aligned with your goals
  • How this program impacted other areas of Araceli’s life

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