EP. 72- Fixing your body relationship (NECESSARY FOR PERMANENT Weight loss)


EP. 72- Fixing your body relationship (NECESSARY FOR PERMANENT Weight loss)

Happy Monday, and welcome to The Last 10 Podcast! If you join me here every week, hello! I’m sending you a huge hug for your upcoming week. I’m curious, do you listen to the podcasts on Mondays? For those that are new, welcome! My mission is to fully equip and empower 1,000,000 women to end their struggle with weight loss and finally lose those last 10 pounds.

Thanks for joining me today. I’m really excited. If you’re new to the podcast or missed last week’s episode, make sure to go back and listen to last week’s episode about possibility. There are very few things that are more important than believing something is possible. Today we’re going to talk about your relationship with your body; this is one of the most essential things in your journey to weight loss success. Your thoughts and your feelings drive your actions. Your relationship with your body is a feeling you have about yourself. If you believe in yourself, you are capable, and if you have a relationship with your body that feels good, you can succeed. Your feelings, including the relationship that you have with your body, are the foundational building blocks in helping you address your struggle. This episode will be a mini-workshop on repairing your relationship with your body. We’re doing renovations. Call it a total body relationship makeover.

My Relationship With My Body

Back in Episode 62 entitled Emotional Courage & IQ, I shared a little bit about my journey as my husband and I try to conceive. Back in May, I went to teach in Texas at The Life Coach School with my mentor Brooke Castillo. While I was there, a young woman in her early 20s was asking for coaching. The whole thing was about her frustration with being single. “Where is he?” she kept saying.

Any of us that have struggled to lose those last 10 pounds can relate. I always found myself saying, “Why haven’t I lost this weight?” over and over. Our relationships with anything are created by how we think about that thing. In this case, for this young lady, her relationship with her future husband, even though she hadn’t even met him yet, was already one where he was doing it all wrong, he was late, and she was frustrated. Once she identified that problem, she could reframe the way she was thinking about her future husband. You can think about your relationship with your body and your weight loss journey in the same way. I remember, for me, my relationship with my body was terrible. It was hateful and abusive. Completely unhealthy. The good news is, we can change our relationship with anything simply by changing the way we think about it. That includes our food, our body, our weight loss, everything. All thoughts are optional.

Nobody’s Brain is Perfect

Everyone has flaws. Flaws in the way they look, the way they think, and the way they act. Humans aren’t perfect, and this goes for our brains as well. The only thing we can do is strive to manage our brains in the most productive way possible. I’m human. You’re human. None of us are perfect. Luckily, perfection is not a requirement for changing your life. You can create and do amazing things as an imperfect human, and I want to be an example of that for you.

My Story

You may or may not know that  I experienced a miscarriage in May. I hadn’t gotten my period. I was starting to experience some symptoms, and I began to wonder if I was indeed pregnant. Even before this, I used some of my weight loss strategies to cope with the impatience and frustration I was feeling about my baby. Every time I start to feel these feelings of impatience, I think back to that young woman and her struggles with finding a man. I want the relationship I have with my baby to be incredible, so I need to be patient. I get to decide to make my relationship with my baby positive. That is my choice. I’m sharing this with you because YOU get to decide. Your relationships are your choice!

The Homework

When you’re struggling with a relationship, be it one with your body, weight loss struggle, food, or anything else you can think of, write a letter. Sit down with a pen and paper and write a letter to yourself. Write a letter to your body, your weight loss process. Talk to these things in a way that makes you feel good. Reframe your relationships through the process of speaking directly to that relationship. Listen to the episode to hear the letter I wrote to future child during my struggles with becoming a mother. It helped me remodel my relationship with my unborn child, and writing your own letter could do the same for you. Start where you are right now, and decide where you want to go. Make a conscious effort from this day forward to give yourself a relationship makeover.

Have a fantastic rest of the week, and I’ll talk to you next Monday.