Today I want to introduce someone very special to you. Her name is What If. What If is a very good friend of mine. I’m introducing you to a tool and a way of thinking. What if is a very important question and important analogy of a person. You’ll really get to know What If and how What If can help you in this episode.

We’ll talk about changing the way you think and believe and feel about yourself, life, weight, weight loss, eating, relationship with food, relationships, work, family, children, etc.  When you’re feeling discouraged, What If comes into the picture. What if I believed I could be patient? What if I can handle how challenging this feels? What if this moment is enough just as it is? What if this moment is enough if I don’t have the pizza and the wine?

When you are feeling like I can’t do this, this is too hard… here is a powerful question, “What if I chose to believe and just keep moving forward?”. You can just pause for a moment and consider he possibility. What if is a gamer changer question.

It’s okay to be challenged sometimes. Notice what a What if question is doing even if it is having you consider a new possibility. When you are stuck in a hamster wheel, this is because you are thinking the same thing over and over again. What if you can do this? Let yourself be in that space of considering that possibility because it can change your life.

In this episode:

  • How can What If help you
  • Example What If questions
  • Considering the possibilities
  • Tools to make decisions that align with your ultimate goals
  • Creating your own what-if questions
  • What if What If can change your life

Craving is that feeling of desire – we have that desire when we think about them in a certain way. What if being here with my family right now is enough just as it is? What if I believe I could handle this? What if I chose to believe and just keep moving forward?

A small percentage of people use the tools, take action and get the support they need in order to focus on getting the change they want. About one percent of women who lose weight actually keep off the weight they want to lose.

It’s important to be aware of your thoughts and your beliefs. Don’t think that my brain is perfect. It’s an ongoing practice, for me as well. I have to do brain work too. Learn more about my personal experience with What If in this episode.

Imagine a bubble of possibility around you. Magic happens when you invite What If and create space for What If. It’s a constant practice of bringing your brain back to yes this is possible.  Think about yourself and your life related to a relationship with food and weight loss goals. Bring those into your bubble of possibility by asking a lot more what if questions.

Your homework is to ask what if so much more. Invite what if into your moments where you are stuck a lot more. Don’t sabotage the results you actually want.

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