EP. 220- People’s (Body) Opinions

Do you find yourself worrying what people ‘might think’ about you, your body, or your appearance?

– worried what they ‘might think’ if you gained some weight?

– worried what they ‘might think’ if you lost the weight?

– worried what they ‘might think’ if (insert any other appearance concern here).

When you’re constantly worried about what someone else might think about your body, it steals you from being able to feel fiercely confident in your body.

& listen sister, I get it… I’ve been there.
I understand what it feels like to constantly be preoccupied about what others ‘might think’…

Once upon a time, I used to live my life and make my own personal decisions feeling hostage to others opinions. Even decisions about MY BODY! (ie- for example, if I wanted to lose some weight) I would feel as if what I chose to do with my body or what my body looked like was a matter of public opinion, and I ruminated constantly about other people’s possible opinions.

That. Was. Exhausting.

Trying to always have everyone’s ‘approval’ was EXHAUSTING.

Also, it was an impossible feat…
because: People will always have opinions.

Specifically, people will always have BODY OPINIONS.

Let them.

In this episode I teach you the most important thing you’ll need to do in order to have a rock-solid opinion about your body, and never again worry about anyone else’s opinion.

(*hint: it involves your opinion, not theirs)