EP. 219- True Freedom & Choice with Weight loss & Food [tools breaking personal and family patterns]

People mistakenly think that the ‘last’ pounds are about being MORE deprived, MORE critical and HARDER on themselves than ever…

I would argue that feeling deprived, being critical actually keep women stuck and sabotaging.

I would also argue that the way to epic results are through curiosity, patience, understanding, LOVE and trust.

Contrary to popular belief: the way I teach my clients to create results is about EXPANDING your life, diversifying, enriching, adding MORE pleasure, MORE comfort, MORE celebration.

Through my LAST 10 approach my client Athena lost 20 pounds. & now she’s maintaining these results with so much more peace and freedom than she even thought was possible!

Once she learned my tools and my process for losing the ‘last 10’ she shared with me that her process was SO LOVING, it allowed her to break existing family patterns. She believes healed not ONLY her, but ALL the women in her family (past and future).


To learn more about how to true freedom in this area of your life, maintain your results like NBD, and break personal/ family patters- LISTEN NOW.

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