EP. 96- What about tracking Macros or counting calories? Keto, Paleo or whole 30?

One of the reasons women get stuck in their results is because they get overwhelmed and confused. Today I’m going help create so much clarity so that you no longer feel indecisive about what the best approach is for you, so you can achieve the results you are looking for.

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Here are the questions that I hear a lot of people asking; What about tracking macros? What about counting calories? What about Keto, Paleo, or Whole30? If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you may know I have a specific food strategy that I teach you, called The Last 10 Eating Formula. To learn more about this, please listen to episode 6, How to Eat to Lost the Last 10 Pounds.

This the way that I love to teach, not only because I know personally and professionally that it works, but because I know that it really beautifully supports our anatomy and bodies as women. However, I do know there are other food strategies out there. I can think of people in my life that have used these strategies to create great results that they love. With a lot of these food strategies, if you are consistent for an extended period of time, you will see results. However, we can also see examples of people for whom these strategies do not work.

What I want you to take away from this episode is this: what makes the difference, regardless of the food strategy, is that person’s mindset. Are they being consistent and following through? Someone could pick any of these approaches, and they’ll be able to get results if they have the right mindset. The number one key to making a permanent change isn’t going to be in which food strategy you pick, it is in your ability to stay motivated and consistent., and learning the skills to process and manage emotions so that food no longer has that job.

When food no longer has that job, and you can make and manage decisions and take deliberate actions. You could take any of these approaches and create results that you love. When I learned how to manage my brain and care for my emotional well being, I no longer needed food as a way to feel better.

If you feel like you’re still stuck with the mindset piece, I would love to support you with my 20-week program. It is created specifically to teach you the tools and provide coaching so that you can continuously have breakthroughs to keep you moving forward.

In this episode

  • Breakdown of my food strategy and why it works
  • 5 top food strategies
  • Why they work for some, but not for others
  • Importance of mindset in getting results
  • Components of mindset in order to remain consistent
  • Personal experience of mindset change to see results

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