EP. 42- MY personal strategy for NEW YEAR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS- that actually become real RESULTS & not just another wish list.


EP. 42- MY personal strategy for NEW YEAR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS- that actually become real RESULTS & not just another wish list.

Hi everyone, welcome to the Last 10 Podcast! I’m excited to bring you a podcast today that is different than any podcast I’ve done before!

It’s that time of year, the time where you prepare your goals for the next year. You plan to begin on January 1st. Except everyone is still travelling and recuperating from the Holidays. So, realistically the second week of January is when you’re ready to start your goals and actually achieve them.

But because you’re my listeners, I want you to be absolutely equipped and prepared when January 1st hits. By the time New Year’s is here, you will have a solid game plan to make your goals happen in 2018. This podcast is going to be different because it’s a goal-setting workshop. We’ll be discussing a plan that I follow every. single. year. Think of this as your End-of-Year 2018 Goal Setting Workshop with Brenda Lomeli.

The 3 key steps for success we’ll cover in this end-of-year workshop:

  1. Look back and reflect on 2017
  2. Look ahead to exactly what you want in 2018
  3. Reflect on what could keep you from your goals and how to combat these barriers

*This is my secret sauce to success

For the entire month of December, I begin to shift my thinking and channel gratitude. I feel grateful for the year that has been, what I have and what I have learned. Active learning is to acknowledge that there’s failure in growth but failure is necessary to the active learning process. I know, active learning is not the easiest pill to swallow. Trust me, I’ve done so much of it this year! But it’s necessary for what you’ve been able to accomplish, achieve and create. I look back at all the learning that I’ve done this year – it looks like falling and getting back up again. My mentor Brooke Castillo calls this failing forward – yes, you fail but you back get up and you know what you’ve learned is something new. This workshop is a process to look back what you’ve learned and be thankful for it – even though I know it’s not always a fun process.

First, some ground rules. You can either pause this podcast after each step and go through the activity or you can listen to this podcast in full and go through all the activities later. If you do this, make sure you go through the activity THIS WEEK. It’s essential you do it before the end of the year so you are ready to go at the end of the year!

Let’s get started!

Step one: Reflect on the year that was

Sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen or pencil or a word doc. Dedicate 15-30 solid minutes (at least!) to write down everything you created in 2017. Everything you were able to do. Everything that you learned. Write down all of this! This is an opportunity to shift into reflection and do so with gratitude.

I want to share with you a personal examples of what I created this year:

  • I left my full-time job in March to run my business full-time! My business is 9 months old.
  • I had 54 different clients go through my coaching program – This time last year, I was still working in my 9-5 job and had 1 client (shoutout to her!)
  • This podcast is only 9 months old! Which now has over 30,000 downloads. I was so excited at 20 downloads!
  • I started The Last 10 Pounds Academy
  • I got in the best shape of the my life and I’m 35!
  • I wrote a book! It’s called the Last 10 Pounds. I had it edited, formatted and completed. I even got a photo shoot taken for my book!
  • I started a Youtube channel
  • I met with my CFO and I made $130,000 in revenue in my first year of business! That is, amazing. But remember, this has involved a lot of falling down and failing. A whole lot.
  • I’ve created different positions within my company. I created work for other people in the world. Specifically two family members help in my business. I trained a coach in my specific strategy and she is now killing it.
  • I was featured twice on Brooke Castillo’s podcast
  • I was Master Coach certified
  • My husband and I travelled and lived in many different cities this past year
  • I also travelled to Greece! This has been on my bucket list since I can remember!

NOW, you! Before the new year, make a date with yourself to dedicate 30 minutes or at least 15 minutes to review your year.

I shared my examples above because I wanted you to have an idea of what to include. But you might think, “Brenda did so much stuff, I didn’t do anything special.” Stop. Look back with gratitude on your year. Look at the stuff you did that was new. You will find at least 10 things! Don’t prejudge them. It can be anything bring or small. My biggest lesson this year was compassion. I know I’m going to mess up, guaranteed. Just like you with your weight loss, because you’re still figuring it out. Give yourself love and patience as you teach yourself a new skill. Do this before step #2!

Step 2: Create your vision for 2018

Go and buy poster board. Find images you want to create this year or even a Pinterest board! Spend time with your dreams for this upcoming year, get intimate with them, let them live, let them out of your head and onto a piece of paper! What does your vision look like? What are the things you’re going to be super proud of?

Because this is the Last 10 Podcast, I want you to consider your vision for your weight loss journey. On a part of your vision board, I want you to include an outfit or two that you want to be able to wear. I want you to include the number you want to hit, to stay at forever and ever. By including a number, you’re committing to it and now, it’s measurable. I want you to include words associated with how you’re going to feel during the process and when you arrive. For example, maybe those words are beautiful, driven, feminine, energetic, confident, comfortable or unapologetic. I want you to manifest what your end goal will look like and don’t be afraid to include images of how you’re going to feel and what your body will look like.

I want to share with you personal examples of what I envision for this year:

  • We’re trying to get pregnant! I can’t wait to watch and feel unabashedly great, sexy and comfortable with my body as it changes during my pregnancy.
  • In March, we’re getting a puppy! We’ve put in an application for a chocolate labradoodle.
  • My husband and I are saving for a house!
  • Take my business to $400,000 in revenue. Originally I wanted to get my revenue to $1 million within a year but I realized I want to set a timeline of 2 years that is doable to set myself up for success.

Step 3

Part A: Reflect on what could keep you from your goals

Anytime we set a big goal that we’ve never achieved before, our brain considers all of the reasons why it’s not possible to achieve, why it’s going to fail and why it won’t work.

What I want you to do is list all of the reasons why you might not achieve your goals.

Grab a piece of paper and write the question: What are all the reasons that this not possible? Specifically think about your weight loss goal for 2018.

Don’t include positivity right now. I want you to include every excuse and objection from your brain. Every reason it’s not possible. Maybe it’s that you don’t have enough time, aren’t a talented cook, run your own business, are too busy or have tried everything and it just hasn’t worked. For 30 minutes, I want you to write down every reason that you cannot reach your goal, without stressing, without deprivation and without sabotaging.

I want to share with you a personal example of my brain’s objections to me reaching my goals:

In 2018, I want to reach $400K in business revenue but my brain tells me it’s not possible because:

  • I suck at managing money
  • I have too much consumer debt
  • I’ll get into too much trouble financially. What if you go bankrupt? How embarrassing.
  • People are going to think you’re snobby and that you’ve changed
  • Dreaming big gets you in trouble

My brain is freaking out when I set these big goals. Your brain WILL do this so expect it! This step IS the secret sauce game changer because no one prepares you for your brain’s retaliation. So instead of ignoring it or not planning for, we’re going to welcome it.

Part B: Review your brain’s objections, identify a strategy to overcome your objections and create a plan of action to achieve your goals

Your brain’s going to object your goals. These objections are the thoughts that will keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your goals. Once you’ve dump all of your objections and fears down, go through each of your objections. I want you to write down a strategy for how you’re going to overcome your objections. I want you to create a strategy, a game plan or even a new way of thinking about your objections. It’s important to let your brain kick and scream as to why it’s not possible to achieve your goals because acknowledging them let’s you alter the way you think about them.

I want you to share with you some examples of my objections to achieving $400K in business revenue in 2018 and the strategies I am taking to tackle my fears:

My first objection: I suck at managing money

My strategy: Learn to manage it by looking at it daily and ask questions to those who offer their resources as well as mentors about financial business decisions and personal financial decisions.

My second objection: I have too much consumer debt

My Strategy: Shift this thought to ‘I have debt’ to neutralize this thought. Instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, I look at this as an objective fact. I’ve created a game plan with my CFO to have $0 consumer debt by the end of 2018. Ensure I reach out when it’s a new daunting goal and I am unsure if I can achieve it.

My third objection: You’ll get yourself in trouble. Big dreams get you in trouble.

My strategy: Have a structured support system and identify a mentor. Once identified, establish arrangements to have the support.

My fourth objection: People will think you’re snobby and you will change.

My strategy: I will change and that is ok and desirable. I want to change. And I will love the new me that I will grow in to. I will not become snobby because being snobby is a choice. And I am not a snobby person. I am a person who cares. It will not happen to me, I get to decide what kind of person I am. This is nothing to worry about.

My fifth objection: Dreaming big gets you in trouble

My strategy: This is simply not true. This is a thought error. Thinking big has got me to my dream come true. This is a very silly thought.

And with that, these are the 3 steps to set you up for the new year! With these 3 processes, you can really set yourself up for success and permanent change. I personally use this in my own life. This is my personal Christmas gift for you! What better gift than to give you the life you really want?

Do this before January 1st. I suggest you put it in your calendar. Make time for it and do it. You are going to make this happen, you’re going to get unstuck. Set yourself up for the New Year. Feel empowered and let yourself dream. This is only 45 minutes to an hour and a half to really changing your life, setting yourself up to create the goals you want for 2018. Don’t recycle the junk from 2017, start new in 2018.

I’m currently wrapping up my plan for 2018. I’d also be thrilled if you sent your plan for 2018 to me at Brenda@BrendaLomeli.com. You can include the list where you reviewed what you did this year, a picture of your vision year and your brain’s objections.

Happy holidays to you! Thank you for being on this journey to me. It is my honour and privilege. Give this gift to yourself by following this 3-step plan and email them to me! I’m so excited to see your vision board and check out your goals. This process will be a game changer. 2018 is going to be amazing.


Send your 2018 plan to Brenda at Brenda@BrendaLomeli.com

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