EP. 40- Thinking ‘There’s something wrong with me’ is the SURE WAY to KEEP YOURSELF STUCK: a powerful lesson in WHY it’s the worse thing to keep believing & HOW TO STOP.


EP. 40- Thinking ‘There’s something wrong with me’ is the SURE WAY to KEEP YOURSELF STUCK: a powerful lesson in WHY it’s the worse thing to keep believing & HOW TO STOP.

Welcome back to the Last 10 Pounds Podcast! 2017 has been quite of an amazing year and 2018 is right around the corner! If you’re new to this podcast and community, welcome. But if you return every week, hello and welcome back!

I had a call last week that really summarized what I hear most often from clients:

I asked my client, “What is it that you’re really wanting?”
She replied, “Brenda, I want to stop losing weight.”

And that is what most of us really want – to stop trying, to have mental peace, to lose the weight.

I’ve been so delighted to have really gotten to know you all these last few months. You take initiative in strategy sessions to identify your goals, pain points, and next steps to get exactly where you want to be. You continue to try and that is so important. It’s important because it IS possible for you to get to the point where you can stop losing weight.

Often enough, clients will tell me: “You and what you’re teaching is the solution that I’ve been looking for for over 20 years.” And this is not uncommon. Women spend so much time in this space, trying to figure out HOW to lose the weight. Smart, hard working, brilliant women. If you’re interested in crossing this off your list for good, then consider applying for my program today.

I want you to have one take away from today: there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. You simply need the RIGHT tools.

To really highlight this, I love to teach in analogies. Consider this analogy: You have the top brain surgeon in the world. She’s one of the most brilliant people in the world, sought out for complex brain surgeries. She steps into the operating room for a surgery. The patient is there, already sedated. Nurses and assistants are by her side. Everything is ready EXCEPT the tools needed to perform surgery. This surgeon is still the highest ranked surgeon for the complicated surgeries brought to her but will she be able to perform the surgery without the tools available to her? It’s impossible. There’s no way! She can’t perform this task without the right and necessary tools.

This surgeon is not going to think: “I’m not smart enough,” “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m not dedicated enough.” She doesn’t make it about what’s wrong with her. She’s knows she’s trained enough, smart enough, able enough to get the job done. She just needs the right tools.

How is this related to you and your weight loss? I believe effective, sustainable weight loss is possible for any women. No matter who you are or how long you’ve struggled. I am insanely confident that if this is possible for you. It’s not a matter of IF you’re capable, it’s a matter of not having access to the right tools.

When we do not have the right tools, we will not be successful. We have meal plans, we have a list of foods to eat and a list to not eat but what I’ve been sharing with you is the strategies, the tools to really manage your thoughts and feelings on purpose because your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions and your actions create your results.

Traditionally, weight loss, nutrition and meal plans try to change your actions. How much food to eat, when to eat, when to not eat, what to not eat. These actions will never be successful in a permanent, sustainable way that feels good unless it’s addressed from the core of the behaviour, your thoughts and feelings. Sure, a good food strategy will help you. But to get this job DONE is to learn to manage your thoughts and feelings about food and your weight. A successful strategy does not lead you to feel deprivation, resentment, or defeat but instead feel confident, patient, committed and determined. All the way until you get to your goal.

So to re-iterate: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! Make it your number one job to believe and know you’re more than capable, definitely worthy, strong enough and smart enough. You just need to right tools, strategy and process to get this over with.

I believe in my 20-week program. I take you by the hand through the process of unlearning everything that’s not working for you and how to manage your thoughts and feelings. By doing this, you stop he actions that sabotaging you and instead take intentional actions to stay committed, motivated, capable, focused and determined to achieve your goal no matter how long it takes. In this program, I will teach you how to practice patience and take actions that are aligned with your goals instead of sabotaging them. Finally, I will teach you how to maintain your weight because only 1% of people who lose weight actually keep it off. I am determined that my clients will be that 1%. If you’re ready to take action in this part of your life, I would love to get on a strategy call with you. To do so, you need to apply. Learn more about the program and submit your application on my website.

Remember, action is required for results. You cannot get results without actions. New actions are required for new results. I challenge you to take action to get those right tools for yourself, to finally to end trying to lose the weight. Create external result of finally losing the weight and the internal result to stop worrying about the weight, the food and constantly thinking about it. You can find balance and a positive lifestyle. Not live in a place of deprivation that doesn’t feel sustainable, keeps you feeling guilty and full of resentment.

I will end this with a client’s success story. I’ve been working with a client for 6 weeks, so far. We had a call. She divulged that she has so much fear and anxiety around food that she could not sit down and have a meal with her family. Then at night, after her family would eat, she would spend the night alone in the pantry and refrigerator, snacking and continuing to keep herself overweight. She was so upset with herself. However, in only 2 weeks after our first strategy call, she is now able to sit and eat with her family. She has shifted the way she’s been thinking and feeling. She already has new tools that are helping her unlearn and deprogram her thoughts. Despite feeling so much shame and guilt, it has been possible for her to overcome those feelings! Guaranteed that when you have new tools, within a week, your life can change. Do not fall into the trap of the idea that there’s something wrong with you, nothing good with happen for you and you don’t deserve good things to happen for you. Take action to seek out the right program, plan and tools. Make it your job to keep looking for the right tools. You’re absolutely capable and deserve this.

Have a great Holiday season!