EP. 290- Becoming beautiful to YOU {40th Birthday Reflections}

I recently turned 40.Historically speaking, my birthday is always a time of reflection.

This year as I entered my 40’s – the birthday reflections were on STEROIDS.

In the midst of ALLLL my reflecting, there was a very specific and VERY POWERFUL message just for YOU. :sparkles:

For decades of my life…
I was too afraid to be FULLY myself. I would do anything (and eat anything!) as long as I would go unnoticed.
I would camouflage to anyone’s liking. Modify myself to fit the ‘part’ or fit in.
ESPECIALLY when it came to food and weight. People’s opinions and ‘rule following’ were my prison.
I stifled myself to try to fit into the ‘acceptable’ boxes I believed I was supposed to fit nicely into…
AND because I felt inherently flawed – emotionally eating at the end of the day (in those moments when I was finally by myself) felt like my ONLY escape.

I make the decisions based on what I want for my life (*MY VISION) and what I KNOW works for ME (*True Choice)
I love being me. ALL of me. So there’s no need to emotionally eat about this, because I am living the life I want to live and being who I want to be.
I’m a thought leader. A trailblazer. I’ll go first. I’ll be different. I’m not afraid to be seen and noticed.
AND I refuse to shove any part of me that I LOVE (and have intentionally become) into a box for anybody. NOBODY.
There’s no price I wouldn’t pay for THIS level of confidence and freedom that I get to live my life with NOW.

So many of you are…

  • Afraid to lose weight if you want to, because of what other people might think.
  • Hesitant, ashamed, embarrassed, or even nervous to claim that weight loss is something you want (*especially the very specific goal that you have in mind for yourself, even though it’s really important to you and you think about it all the time)
  • Playing down the goals that are MOST important to you (weight related or not) even though YOU KNOW it’s exactly what you want.
  • Feel paralyzed about saying ‘no’ to things –> and then say ‘yes’ to these same things purely out of obligation. Even at your own expense.

Not OWNING WHO YOU ARE and WANT YOU WANT (*literally) gets in the way of YOU LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT.Centering someone else’s opinion about you more than YOUR OWN OPINION ABOUT YOU will always keep you from SHOWING UP –  ALL OUT – to create the life you want.You’re not gonna wanna miss this one.{added note: there’s something a bit cosmic + magical about the words I have for you in this particular episode. A gift. And I hope it stokes a flame in your soul for what REALLY IS POSSIBLE}Make sure to listen to my birthday podcast.

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