EP. 283- 12 ways to calm yourself (*your nervous system) without food.

One major reason that it can feel like you so desperately want to just eat at the end of the day in order to decompress (even if you’re not actually hungry- often called night time eating or emotional eating)- is because WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY NEEDING IS:


A lot of women find themselves eating late night because their nervous systems are still activated from that day — in fact, for many of us (*me included!) — our nervous system is activated DAILY in our modern day world. Even multiple times on any given day.

I hear this a lot…
“Brenda, I know that overeating is keeping me from my goal, but I just don’t know ANY other way to unwind. Nothing else seems to work. It feels like ONLY food can give me just get a little bit of relief from EVERYTHING.”

I want you to know that ALL of this makes SO MUCH SENSE. Also know: there IS a solution.

I recently heard somewhere (*I can’t remember where or I’d quote it) –> that the average person TODAY hears more news in ONE DAY, then we used to hear in a year. :exploding_head:

As soon as I heard that, I thought to myself, Holy shit. Yes. That completely makes sense. Our brain wasn’t necessarily wired for the way that our modern-day life is set up these days… (*but again, there are solutions…)

This doesn’t have to be a problem.

There are SO MANY options for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn (and feel like a PRO at) in this episode:

-you’ll understand your brain, your body, particularly your nervous system and your stress cycles SO much more.

-you’ll feel able to calm your nervous system (ie. self-soothe) in a way thats actually effective AND aligned with the kinds of changes and results you are wanting to create in your life.

-you’ll change your long-standing belief that FOOD is the only, and best form of ‘relief’ so that you can actually change your behaviors and day-to-day choices (*especially, when you’re feeling stressed!)

-you’ll be able to actually believe that there are SO MANY MORE, and EVEN BETTER options when it comes to navigating even the most challenging seasons of life. (*good-bye sabotage!)

-you’ll leave the episode knowing AT LEAST 12 NEW WAYS for calming your nervous system (*self-calming, feeling calm) that are NOT food. 

-you’ll understand what it means to ‘diversify’ and WHY this really, really can make ALL the difference. 

-you’ll feel and be more equipped then ever to care for yourself and your nervous system in a way that is truly an UPLEVEL. We’re all about the upgrades. You deserve it.

You def don’t wanna miss this one.