EP. 241- THE FULL SIT [tool for emotional eating, fully allowing emotions]

Most weight re-gain and weight loss plateaus happen because of emotional over-eating.

Another way to say this:

Using food and eating in order to ‘manage’ certain emotions.

Here’s a quick list of the kinds of emotions women tend to over eat about:
Stress, overwhelm, pressure, feeling ‘burned out’, shame, worry, uncertainty, failure, boredom, feeling ‘not enough’, urgency, dissatisfaction (…& more!)

It’s an ineffective coping mechanism, but yet it makes sense because as humans our brains are wired to want to seek pleasure & avoid pain (Psychology’s Motivational Triad)

Which is why, one of THE MOST important skills for losing ‘the last 10’ pounds (insert your goal here) is the essential life-skill of allowing emotions.

EMOTIONAL COURAGE is the willingness and ability to be with and allow the full spectrum of human emotions.

What I often see is the as my clients are developing the skill of experiencing their emotions (instead of eating about them) they only sorta–kinda, and for limited-amount-of-time allow the emotion, which leads to eventually emotionally over eating when this is the case.

For these reasons, it’s important to be able to self-assess if you’re FULLY allowing the emotion you’re experiencing OR only kinda–sorta, for-a-limited-amount-of-time.

In this episode, I teach you a BRAND NEW CONCEPT: THE FULL SIT.

You’ll be able to use this concept as a tool for checking in, and assessing if you are fully allowing your emotional experiences, or not.

If you still end up eating things you know do NOT move you closer to your goal, and if you find yourself still emotionally overeating (eating when you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, bored, disappointed…) even though you feel like you ARE allowing and experiencing some of these emotions – this episode is for you.