EP. 232- PRIDE. [Lifestyle Pride. Body Pride. YOU Pride.]

Women often feel insecure, guilty, ashamed and even secretive about the health/weight/body goals they have or WANT to have.

Women also experience SO MUCH fear and worry of judgement or rejection about health or weight related choices they make for themselves- particularly in social settings. (ie. when you’re gonna be the only one NOT having a piece of cake. What will people think? yikes!)

The struggle is real.

Trust me. I’ve been there personally, and I’ve coached hundreds of clients on their very real fears of judgement and rejection (we coach on this almost weekly! never fails to come up. It’s a classic.)

THIS truly is such a ‘classic’ element of sooo many women’s ongoing experience of a struggle.


Just because it’s been this way, doesn’t mean it needs to feel this way forever. It’s COMPLETELY possible for you to actually feel TRULY unapologetic and EVEN PROUD.

I’ve been able to transform my experience in this area of my life from feeling: deep painful shame and constant insecurity to now feeling: TOTAL CONFIDENCE (…and yes, even pride!)

Life coaching isn’t about everyone’s life and life choices looking the same… (hell to the naw)

THE LAST 10 approach with life coaching is about YOU as a totally unique individual (one-in-a-billion!) becoming FULLY equipped to create and live your life YOUR WAY.

This episode is a must listen. You’ll learn about HOW YOU can transform this area of your life so that you can feel unapologetic confidence and even- PRIDE!

To learn HOW TO BODLY CREATE, LIVE & ENJOY the life, lifestyle and results you’re wanting- LISTEN NOW.