EP. 229- Weight loss is NOT an emergency.

This episode serves as a PSA, because I need you to know one VERY important piece of information: Weight loss is NOT an emergency.

An emergency is defined as a serious, life-threatening and/or dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

If the thought of losing weight or any part of your weight loss process has you feeling fear, panic, anxiety, stress, overwhelm or worry, I want you to really, deeply KNOW this and never forget it.

WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY  (again, louder for the people in the back!)

There are MANY reasons why it’s important NOT to view it as an emergency.  One of them being, that when you do, this creates feelings of panic, fear, desperation, worry, anxiety, and inadequacy. & These feelings are not conducive to long-term, sustainable change.:no_entry_sign:

These feelings typically make us wanna shut down or completely throw in the towel. These emotions are so much of what fuel what I like to call “F-it moments”. NOT USEFUL.

Instead, let’s retrain your brain to view weight loss SIMPLY AS A GOAL YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO HAVE.

That’s it. SO RADICALLY DIFFERENT. Game changer.

Once you let go of viewing weight loss as an emergency, and instead- simply see it as a goal you have CHOSEN to have (just because you want to!) you’ll be able to feel calm, cool, and collected 😉  …vs freaking the F*ck out! I get it. I’ve been there.

You’ll be able to stay checked IN with your body, your choices, your vision, your life.

You’ll be able to keep showing up to create the change you want to create.

Check out the episode to learn more- LISTEN NOW.