EP. 216- Emotional Eating Is NOT bad. (How to release FOOD GUILT & SHAME)

Women experience SO MUCH SHAME AND GUILT when it comes to: food, eating, over-eating, emotionally eating, their bodies, their weight, wanting to lose weight… and more!

Emotional eating is one of the most common topics I talk about. But what if it isn’t bad?”. (hint: …it’s not!)

On todays podcast I’m teaching you that emotional eating is NOT a ‘bad’ behavior. It’s simply: a behavior.

The reason women experience shame, guilt and other intense-negative emotions (which btw only drive more emotional eating! Almost ironic, right?)

..is because we label emotional eating as ‘bad’ and then label ourselves and ‘defective’ or ‘bad’ for having done so.

There IS a solution.

There IS a way to stop feeling shame and guilt about food.

This approach is exactly how I de-conditioned feeling food shame and food guilt for myself, and it’s how tons of my clients have also de-conditioned shame and guilt.

The first necessary step is to STOP telling ourselves that emotional eating is bad.

Listen Now to learn more.