I LOVE the energy that new seasons bring,
each with its own unique magic. 
Spring, holds the promise of something NEW.

Perfect for breaking free from old patterns and -- along with ALL of nature --  creating something NEW for yourself. New results, new routines, new habits, or even redefining your identity!

As you welcome this new season, take a moment to assess where you are, decide what you need (or simply desire!), and set yourself up to create your goals this year.

There’s something for everyone at the Spring Breakthrough sale!
 Power Hour with Brenda:  
 $1,000 $500 

Dive deep into your goals, challenges, and breakthroughs in this hour-long session tailored just for YOU.

Every minute is dedicated to empowering you toward your desired success.

This is perfect for overcoming mindset hurdles, breaking old patterns, deconditioning habits or cravings, getting crystal clear on your food strategy -- or ANYTHING else that’s been coming up for you where you’d love my expertise and laser focused support.

Bring whatever you'd like to work through in the hour and we'll make it happen!

 Limited to 6 per person. All sessions must be used by December 31, 2024. 

 A Private 1:1 VIP Day with Brenda in Phoenix, AZ: 
 $10,000 $7,500 

It’s the ultimate TREAT YOURSELF experience. Meet with Brenda for the most luxurious day dedicated entirely to YOU. We’ll laser in to uncover what's truly holding you back from reaching your weight goals. Together we'll delve into the mental and emotional barriers that have been standing in your way and create a personalized roadmap for your success. This VIP day is all about empowering YOU, including your relationship with food and your body in order to make lasting, empowering, LOVING changes. An entire day focused exclusively on you, your personal goals, and paving the path toward your desires in 2024.

*This is LUXE experience. The day will be tailored to you and include one-of-a-kind experiences to enhance the focus of our coaching.

Note: Travel (airfare, transport to and from retreat space) not included.

 Three Months of Private Coaching with Brenda: 
 $12,000 $9,997 

This is your chance. Private coaching with Brenda for an entire THREE MONTHS. Just imagine, the powerful coaching, expert insights and feedback, and unwavering loving support for an entire 3 months. You’ll have my personal mentorship for your most aligned weight loss strategy. This offer is for those really wanting to take things to a next level this spring season and committed to entering the second half of this year having ELEVATED your experience and results in a real palpable way.

How will your results be different 90 days from now? Claim it TODAY.

You can opt for support any 90 day period between April 1st through October 31, 2024.

 TL10 Masterclass Bundle: 
 $352 $75 

Get ACCESS to ALL 3 Revolutionary Masterclasses… for only $75.

1. Mastering The Last 10 Workshop
2. Results and Freedom Masterclass
3. The Last 10 & BEYOND Masterclass

Here’s just some of what you learn in these 3 Masterclasses:

- ENDING the “Start Over” Sabotage Cycle
When you STOP this exhausting cyle, you’re able to experience new breakthroughs and results instead of feeling endlessly stuck in the same frustrating sabotaging patterns.

- Sunday Night Escape Plan
Learn the technique to feel even more committed on Sunday night than you do on Monday mornings! 

-The Last 10 ‘Slingshot Method’
You’ll stop ‘starting over’ and instead powerfully catapulting yourself to your goal, without perfection ever being required.  

-The 3 Basics for Losing The Last 10
The only 3 things you need to do to get to your goal and maintain results.

-Attain Sustainable, Deprivation-Free Weight loss
By learning to Reclaim Your Body & Decolonize your Weight loss.

- The LAST 10 Foundational Four Blueprint
This is KEY for smart, driven, high achieving women to Stop Sabotaging.

- Last 10 Goal-Setting Method
My signature strategy create BOTH measurable results + upgrade the quality of your experience in this area of your life. Both matter to you, and that’s important! 

When food isn’t your only ‘go to’ for coping with intense and challenging emotions… E V E R Y T H I N G changes.

Whether you're just starting out on your journey and you've been struggling with your weight and food for decades OR you’re SO damn close to your goal you can almost taste it! Your next move is RIGHT HERE.
 These offers are only available
from 9am-Midnight on March 20th