EP. 302- Releasing Habits and Emotional Self-Soothing THROUGH HOME DESIGN; Home + Body Connection with designer Olga Naiman

Interior Design meets personal transformation.

I’m completely fan-girling over my podcast guest this week.
(…and you’re gonna LOVE her too!)

-An incredibly talented interior designer who’s work has been featured in Vogue, Domino and Elle Decor.

-She lost 40 pounds and arrived at her goal weight, using her home as her ally.

She introduces you to HOW YOU CAN USE YOUR HOME to co-regulate your nervous system (*especially at the end of the day!) and to give yourself the emotional self-soothing, pleasure, and comfort that you’ve been searching for in food.

-Releasing habits that no longer serve you & dissolving old identities THROUGH home design.
-Turning Routines into Rituals THROUGH home design.
-Creating Emotional Support & Nervous System Regulation THROUGH home design.
-The BODY + HOME connection and how its such an untapped resource (until now!)

She has DECADES of knowledge to share with you.

Make sure to TUNE IN HERE.

ps. And because she couldn’t possibly teach you everything in one episode-

There is something EXTRA special happening inside The Last 10 ONLY for those enrolled by November 3rd.

She’s put together a straight up magical training for my clients on-
How to make YOUR HOME AN ALLY in your weight loss.

You’ll learn ALL the ins and outs for releasing/dissolving old patterns and identities (*necessary for lasting weight loss), diversifying pleasure, and creating emotional support (co-regulating your nervous system) THROUGH PERSONALIZED HOME DESIGN.

In November ONLY, she’s showing up LIVE to teach her process inside The Last 10.

ANDDD she’ll be doing consultations (actually looking at your home) to support you in the process of MAKING YOUR HOME YOUR ALLY as you powerfully claim the weight loss transformation you’re wanting.

This is a ONE-TIME BONUS and won’t be offered again.

I’ve experienced this process myself. Get ready for some magic.