EP. 29- HOW TO LOSE THE LAST 10 POUNDS part 2: Why commitment will determine your success. What it means to commit. How to commit for results.


How to lose the last 10 Pounds PART 2- COMMITMENT.

Why commitment will determine your success. What it means to commit. How to commit for your desired results.

There is a HUGE difference between wanting to lose the last 10 pounds and committing to losing the last 10 pounds.
The difference between WANTING  and COMMITTING:

Wanting: requires NO action. Wanting will only result in more intense feelings of wanting (that’s it!). Which can ultimately feel frustrating because you want something that you are not willing to go out and create. 

Commitment: You have decided you are 100% committed to doing whatever is necessary (actions) until you achieve your desired result (ie. lose #theLAST10).
100% committed. You WILL NOT QUIT until your desired result is achieved.

Trying: You do some actions (but not all the actions necessary) and then YOU STOP before you get to your result. (This is the reason your diet doesn’t work because you’re not fully committed and you stop before you get to your goal)…. this means you’re trying but you are NOT 100% FULLY COMMITTED UNTIL YOU GET TO YOUR GOAL.

This means that you are committed to doing ALL that is required UNTIL you get to your result (ideal goal weight).
This means you will NOT STOP being committed until you get to your goal.
This guarantees YOU WILL SUCCEED.
Simple but powerful. (and true!)

Just do it.
Decide to commit.
Once you make this decision, stay fiercely committed until you get to your goal & lose the last 10 pounds.

BTW- most women’s lack of weight-loss results are not due to lack of information of “knowing what to do” it’s a lack of commitment issue.

Will I keep wanting to lose these last 10 pounds? Or am I 100% committed to doing what I need to do until I lose these last 10 pounds?

This is what I do. It’s my area of expertise and I’ve built my entire practice around this. Why? Because way too many women spend way too much of their lives struggling to get to their ideal goal weight and sabotaging their progress. I work with my clients 1-on-1 to ensure they overcome ANY and all obstacles getting in the way (including lack of commitment) to finally ACHIEVE THEIR IDEAL WEIGHT …. for good!