Lomeli Fund Application

The Lomeli Fund was created to make The Last 10 Program more equally accessible. Grants will range from $500-$1,947.

I am thrilled to offer a limited number of scholarships to The Last 10 Program in honor of my family's legacy.

I am the daughter of Mexican immigrants. Specifically, my father came to the U.S. at the age of 12 he crossed the mexico-US border alone, with only a few dollars in his pocket. Growing up as an immigrant family in the US, there were many instances in which support made ALL the difference - in order to even have basic needs met. There were also many instances in which there was no additional support available, and that meant we just did not have access. This Scholarship fund and application process celebrates my family's legacy AND the existence of this fund itself, and it’s origins- also celebrates how wildly capable we are as humans to create and experience so much more beyond what has been ‘possible’ in the past.

Please carefully consider your financial needs in your grant request, understanding that the overall grant fund is limited; the more accurate you can be in identifying the minimum amount needed to make your participation possible, the more people can receive support.

Carefully review the requirements for scholarship recipients before you click "submit".

You’ll receive a response about your application, within 72 hours (or up to 3 business days).

If you are notified that you have received a grant, you will have 24 hours to pay the full remaining balance for enrollment in The Last 10 Program. (*or to pay your first installment).

** IMPORTANT ** If you are able to enroll in The Last 10 Program paying the full investment - please do so. This scholarship is solely intended for people who would not be able to join the program otherwise.